Secrets to Becoming a Teen Fashion Model

teen fashion modelIt’s the same old story. “I want to be a teenage high fashion model and walk the runway right along side of Sigrid Agren or maybe Arizona Muse (you can name the rest.). How do you become a teen fashion model and what do you do first? Here are some modeling tips I’ve put together in a video to get you started.

Yes, working with top talent management companies like Ford, Next Model Agency New York or any of the other mega agencies sounds exciting.

Yes, it does sound exciting until the new teen faces find out what is required to become one. Then they realize what it really takes for success.

For Teenagers Who Want To Be High Fashion Models

You’ll learn a bit about getting into the modeling network and some important things to know before you begin a career. Watch the video first.

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High Fashion Modeling Requirements for Female Teens

Do you have to be tall to consider teen modeling careers? On an average, the height of a model should be around 5 feet 8 inches for fashion modeling, while the commercial teen model’s height can vary, this depending on the specific ad requirement.

Anything from advertising for children’ s clothes and products to food, real-estate and much more, teen male and female fashion models can be found everywhere- on billboards, in magazines, and on the Internet.

In order to enter into this world of high fashion modeling, hard work and a strong will is needed, especially for a teenager just starting out.

Modeling Teen’s Ages

The teen modeling market, which is a huge one, is called the ‘ junior market ‘. It consists of teen models between the age of 13 to 25 years, usually depending on the age of the model when he or she entered in the fashion sphere.

But before entering, there are some teen modeling tips you really need to know, which will help you have more of a chance at real success.

8 Must-Know Teenage Modeling Tips

1. Understand Yourself

Before understanding how to be a model, try to understand yourself.

There are several types of teenage models, like: commercial models, plus size models, catwalk models, underwear models and many others.

Consider which one better fits you and then work on developing and perfecting your look in that direction

2. Skin Condition

Clear skin, a good head of healthy hair and a good smile are a necessity in order to become a famous teen fashion model

3. Your Pictures

Get a professional model portfolio. Hire a photographer to shoot some professional pictures with you that include head shots and also full body length shots.

Ask the photographer for help and advice on how to take the best pictures and have the best look in all the pictures

4. Get an Agent

Look for top modeling agencies for teenagers. If you fit and they like you, you can start working for them.

Don’ t just settle down on the first talent manager you will meet just because he or she agrees to take you on. Look for other good offers on the market. ..

5. Look at Other Model’s Work

Ask to see other models’ portfolios. It’ s always good to study your competition and discover their advantages and disadvantages. This can help you further in your career.

6. Be Professional

Act as in you are already a professional fashion model if you really want to become one. Work very hard, don’ t forget to always be polite and try to never miss or be late for an appointment – especially if it’ s a scheduled photo shoot!

7. Be Prepared to Model

Before you agree to any photo shoot, find out if they will be providing a make- up artist, hair stylist, etc.

If not, be prepared to do your own or bring them with you.

Also never lie about your measurements such as height, weight, etc., as this will decrease your fame and most likely get you banned from that talent management company if they find out you did it on purpose!

8. Get Educated about the Modelling Network

One of the best teen modeling tips available is to seriously get educated about the modeling network.

Stay on top of the latest looks, fashions and trendy styles. Read as much as you can and get informed and learn all you can about the people who have been successful at it before.

Study biographies of supermodels such as Cindy Crawford, Abbey Lee Kershaw or Lara Stone to see how they did it.

High Fashion Modeling is an Important Job for Teenagers

Always remember, to become a successful high fashion modeling teenager you need to treat it like it is your job. It’s not just a hobby.

Work extra hard daily and continue to be passionate about your dreams and goals; you could start to see your dream happening. Hope things work out great in your new teen fashion model career! – Bob Pardue If you want to learn more about getting started as a model, check out my book here ..

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