Tips for Starting Out as a Female Talent (Video)

She was only 7 years when she first appeared in the Bob’s Marley 1978 hit song is this love to be a world renowned runway supermodel.

Her real career started at the age of fifteen when she was spotted by Beth Boldt and signed for Elite model agency.

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Her first magazine cover appearance was in April 1986. August 1988 she covered her first ever Vogue edition.

Who Is She?

This is the story of Naomi Campbell. The one million dollar question  arises; what does it really take to be a successful model in the modern world?

Getting Started in the Industry

A female model  career can be fairly simple to start; the tricky part is becoming successful in this highly competitive network. Here are some points and requirements to help potential newbies achieve their dream:

First, a young woman or even a teen girl interested in this profession has to decide what type of model she wants to be, as there are ..

Three basic modeling types:

  • high fashion: they have to be photogenic, tall and can play in front on the camera confidently
  • commercial: Used mostly in TV commercials or in print for marketing and must have good personality.
  • the ramp: mostly used in the fashion industry and walk for special clothing / catalog events advertising brands.

What you need to begin:

  • Must have inner desire to be in the modeling industry and should get inspiration from magazines, TV and runway fashion shows.
  • Get to know how they pose, smile, walk and dress.Healthy living: good diet and exercises are essential to any model as it keeps you fit and enhances your body quality which, in turn, helps to get you noticed.
  • Get an honest opinion from a photographer, a model agency and maybe a successful person who has “made it”. Know your strong qualities and get to practice it on a daily basis.
  • Smile, walk and be confident
  • Look for a professional portfolio photographer in your state and take some test modeling portfolio shots. Include one full body and one close up facial image with little or no makeup.

Finally, this is a profession for the strong in heart and those who can persevere the challenges that comes with it. Fast lane living, popularity, money and stardom are the benefits of successful modeling careers.

It does require effort and patience on your part whether you plan to work locally or you want to be that elusive  superstar so get started today in writing down your goals. Enjoy the video clip at the top of Naomi Campbell on the catwalk for inspiration.

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