Modeling Plan Meme

Do You Have a Modeling Plan? Meme Says Plans are Essential for Successful Models I took this quote from my article about modeling classes online. The statement is important enough to share in a meme. You must have a modeling plan to make it…


Model Photo Shoot Prep Meme

Model Photo Shoot Prep – Meme Says to “Pack Your Bag” It’s tough to always be prepared for a model photo shoot and this meme shares only one of many modeling tips. One mistake I see is lack of preparation when models come to…


Most Famous Models Meme

Most Beautiful Women – Meme Says Not All Become Famous Models Please share my modeling meme & quote for today?. “The most beautiful women do not necessarily become the most famous models.” ~ Bob Pardue

Contacting Modeling Agencies

Key to Model Agency Success Meme It’s tough becoming a successful model – but possible for many. This key to modeling success meme tells one of many formulas. “The “secret” formula to modeling success is to find out what model agencies want.” ~ Bob…