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Models Com Releases Memorable Moments from Female Supermodels

Let’s go retro today. I want to introduce you again to some amazing female supermodels and some of their moments.

Going back in time over a past fashion show season is a natural and beautiful experience. You’ll see this from some of the quotations from the great modeling females who are becoming household names in entertainment.

I’ve just decided to list three of them here but you can see and read others in the news release. But, just for fun, watch these 10 supermodel quotes & comment on your favorite..female supermodels

Who Are These Beautiful Female Supermodels and What are They Saying?

These gorgeous girls reflect on what excited them about the modeling shows they performed and almost seem remorse that it had to end – at least for the time being.

But, I have no doubt that we’ll be seeing lots more of these supermodels in the future. Let’s take a look at their dreams and fun they had at this years events.

1. Agnes Nabuurs – Supermodel from DNA Models

The girl from Amsterdam says:

“For me I think the fact that I was crying during the rehearsal at Louis Vuitton was memorable.

It was a good cry though – happy tears! The finale with the music and all the girls, I just thought it was so pretty.

Since this was my first season and there were these huge shows, watching them all come together can be overwhelming.

Vuitton was so beautiful and it just made me really emotional, but it was a wonderful experience.”

2 Karoline Bjornelykke of Supreme Management

This redhead “girl next door” from Norway reflects:

“My greatest moment this season was coming down that amazing elevator at Louis Vuitton – unforgettable!”

3. Athena Wilson of Ford Models

Bred in the good old USA, Athena says:

“The best part was going to London and Milan and Paris because I’d never been to Europe before and my mom came with me for those.

It was great just be with her, even though most of it was getting home at 1:00 AM after fittings and running around to fashion shows, we still got to spend some time time together and share the experience.”

Supermodels Do have Brains – And They Use Them!

So, now you know how these beautiful female models think and feel. Their thoughts are not much different from you and me, huh?

Everyone has aspirations for becoming a model and they all started somewhere. I covered some of this in my article “How do I become a famous model” for you to contemplate. Hope to see you there one day soon.

Maybe you’ll be a female supermodel expressing your thoughts about some of next season’s main fashion shows like this one on video from Paris. Be good – and keep it going! – Bob


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