Supermodel Vanessa Moody

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Supermodel Vanessa Moody

supermodel Vanessa Moody

One of my favorites is to read stories about those who have already become famous. If you agree, this quick piece about supermodel Vanessa Moody will surely get your creative juices flowing.

What Do You Really Know about Supermodel Vanessa Moody?

The female super model Vanessa Moody is a young, American female model who is considered to be one of the top 50 models according to

She has a height of 180cm, and a small frame, with a 62cm waist, 89cm hips and a bust of 78cm.

This female model is the muse of Giambattista Valli, and she is well respected in the world of modelling.

Vanessa claims that she does not have a style icon, and she has worked for numerous designers.

These include recently, the Winter 2015 campaign for Addiction by Ayako.  This Texas model is incredibly versatile, and shows off the style of the summer incredibly well.

Fashion Work of Vanessa Moody

She is also working with Public School on their Spring collection for 2016, as one of the ‘urban women’.

The collection includes off-body silhouettes and asymmetrical hems, which are incredibly distinctive.

For this collection, Vanessa Moody also works with Greta Varlese, Tami Williams, Hyun Ji Shin, Kiki Willems, and Dylan Xue.

Moody is the fashion show closer, and she is one of the most striking models, with the textures and style matching amazing makeup and bold hairstyles.

This is not your standard group shoot. She ends the show in style.

Vanessa Moody – Model of the Year

Moody was a model of the year in 2014, and has most definitely made her mark since then.

She has worn everything from elegant, understated dresses to stylish street wear, Japanese vogue, and more.

Where is This Supermodel Headed?

We can expect to see even more from her over the next few years, as she courts a wide range of designers.

Her look is one that will suit almost any camera, and her piercing and haunting eyes can evoke powerful emotions.

We would do well to watch out for her on some big covers, and on the catwalk showing off some amazing shoes, as she further develops her career.

Do You Want to Get Started as a Fashion Model?

Now that you’ve learned some information about female supermodel Vanessa Moody it’s your turn to get into modeling, right? Thanks a bunch and I’ll see you at the top! – Bob Pardue


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