Supermodel Sasha Luss

If you watch the top modeling agency lists, these girls come and go.

Some leave more quickly than others.

This leads me to believe that people like female supermodel Sasha Luss is more of an exception than the rule.

Supermodel Sasha Luss

female supermodel Sasha Luss

Here’s a bit about this beautiful model – I hope you enjoy the story.

Who is Female Supermodel Sasha Luss?

If you are anything like me, you believe that the modeling world is quite fascinating.

There are new female models being introduced every day, which makes it hard to keep up with all of them.

Here is some information for everyone who is looking to find out more about Sasha Luss. Her story is interesting, to say the least.

Do I Want to Model or Dance?

While some people have the desire to model since as far back as they can remember, this is not true in every case.

Sasha Luss is one of those people who did not decide to get into this exciting world until later.

In fact, her passions as a child were dancing and writing.

Fate Steps In – The Rest is Modeling History

She stopped ballet dancing because she received an ankle injury in the same class, when the instructor stepped on her to make her realize she wasn’t doing a good job.

There is no way that she could have continued performing well as a dancer without making the injury worse than it already was.

So, since modeling does not require as much physical exertion and she had received many compliments about her beauty, this is the career path she chose to take.

Mamas, Don’t Let Your Kids Grow Up to Be Models

You may want to believe that all of her family was excited and proud at the thought of her pursuing this, but her grandmother was just the opposite.

Since Sasha was just 14, she felt that it would open her up to an immoral world that she was not yet ready to handle.

Long Time Running – The Model Runway That Is

Ms Luss has been modeling for nine years now, which is pretty impressive considering the come-and-go nature of the business.

She was featured in Vogue China in May 2015, which shows that she is still out there working as hard as ever.

Now that you are a little more informed about Sasha Luss maybe you can add her to your list of favorite female models.

If not, at the very least you learned some interesting information about someone new.

I hope you liked the Sasha Luss story and will comment below on her modeling career.

Or, maybe you’ll just tell one of your success stories below. I hope you have one if that’s your dream. See you next time. – Bob Pardue

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