With so many beautiful female super models in fashion available these days, how do you pick the top fifty in the industry?

What I’ve found is that the girls chosen have “It”.

Supermodel Lexi Boling

Supermodel Lexi Boling

That certain something beyond what you find outside the ordinary. The reason supermodel Lexi Boling is among the top 50 most sought after talents in fashion is that she definitely has “It“.

Who is Top-50 Supermodel Lexi Boling?

As the recipient of 2014’s Model of the Year award, it is clear she has plenty of female star power.

Lexi is 5’11” tall, blonde and blue eyed. Her versatile look is what makes her great for the job of high fashion modelling.

Take a look at several photos of Supermodel Lexi Boling and you will see she can go from sweet, innocent-faced to sultry and tough.

Who is Lexi Boling’s Agent?

In the United States Ms Boling was first represented by the prestigious Ford Modeling Agency. and now has IMG New York getting plenty of work for her.

She is the popular face of Prada and has been on numerous international Vogue covers.

Her exotic looks surprise many of her fans when they learn that this 24-inch waisted girl is from Chicago, Illinois.

How Did Lexi Get Started in Modeling?

She got her start by following her mother’s insistence to go to an open call. Originally, she was turned down because she was still wearing braces.

However, the modelling agents told her to come back to them as soon as the braces came off.

Lexi Turns a Lemon into Lemonade

She came back after her braces came off and became a Ford model instantly. She likes graphic tee shirts and Alexander Wang is her favorite designer.

Her height and skinniness were the subjects of teasing during high school. Now, she realizes that these have become her biggest assets.

Lexi Boling Wows Those in the Know

This girl is certainly no stranger to positive reviews like the one below by Models.Com. They say about the supermodel:

“The ultimate cool girl strikes again! With back to back Vogue Italia covers and multiple campaigns for Prada, Lexi is undoubtedly Meisel’s girl of the moment.

Not a bad position to be in especially when you’ve managed to also book every top tier show under the sun and make your way into the pages of Another, V and British Vogue.”

Will She Become a VS Model?

Her dream is to become a VS model and to wear wings. She would love to live on the Island of Fiji for a year if she could.

She has no real professional projects planned for herself.

Mac & Cheese & Jacob

She only wishes to do her best modelling for various fashion shows and campaigns. In her spare time she enjoys dining on macaroni and cheese and spending time with her boyfriend Jacob Morton.

Even though she is a female super model, Lexi Boling still loves going to bed with a smile on her face and not letting small things bother her. Isn’t that the mark of a truly successful woman?

Supermodel Lexi Boling - Blue Eyed Blonde Story

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