Heidi Klum: From Munich To American Supermodel

Yes, Heidi Klum Went To The Top – But At What Price? As a super model in the female entertainment network, this girl has it all.

Top Female Supermodels – Heidi Klum Story

This is a short biography telling how Heidi Klum started in Germany and worked her way to to the top of the girl’s modeling ladder.

But, what was the cost? Was it worth it to Hiedi to achieve super model status? Yes, it’s true that Heidi Klum surely has it all. The perfectly proportioned body of this supermodel has propelled her to fame, but her business savvy has revealed the brains behind her gorgeous face.

Born in Hamburg, Germany on June 1st, 1973, she grew up in Bergisch Gladbach.

Her mother was a hairdresser and her father worked for a cosmetics company, both of which may have influenced the young Heidi and made her aware of the importance of physical appearances.

1992 Was A Good Year For Models

When she was 18, she entered a competition called “Model ’92” in Munich. The competition was televised and winning it was the beginning of her career.

At 5′ 9″, and with measurements 35-24-34, Heidi was made for the cameras. She exudes a photographic presence that has made her a much sought after model.

She has appeared in Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Calendars and this exposure gave her a visibility and recognition that significantly increased her fame.

Victoria’s Secret Modeling & Heidi Klum

Hiedi also has a contract with the sexy Victoria’s Secret company that is rumored to provide her with a net worth of somewhere around $2.5 million dollars.

Although a very lucrative deal, this business arrangement comes with some strings attached. According to the terms of this deal, Heidi cannot alter her image in any way while in the employment of Victoria’s Secret.

No Marriage For Ms Klum Today!

This affects her personal life in a big way because Heidi was contemplating marriage to Sealhenry “Seal” Samuel. According to Victoria’s Secret, if Heidi says “I do”, then the company says, “We don’t” want her any more.

She did give birth to Seal’s child, but taking marriage vows apparently would hurt her image with the company and would terminate her association with them.

This stipulation in her contract had previously affected her when she had a child with Formula One tycoon Flavio Briatore.

Heidi gave birth to a girl named Leni and was forced to get back into pre-pregnancy shape for a fashion shoot only 34 days later. To keep her contract, the supermodel obeyed.

Her relationship with Briatore however, didn’t even survive the full term of her pregnancy. Heidi left him when she was six months pregnant after she found out he was having an affair with a younger model.

Heidi Klum’s Other Marriage

From 1999 to 2002, Heidi was married to hairstylist Ric Pipino but the couple did not have any children.

Heidi currently maintains homes in both Germany and New York City. This keeps her readily available for the many photo opportunities that she is offered. Yet, she has extended her visibility into other business ventures, thereby increasing her fame and fortune.

Heidi has lent her name and presence to a line of jewelry and shoes and now Heidi Klum fashion clothes. But perhaps her favorite project is giving her name to a rose.

The Heidi Klumm Rose will make its debut in Germany. The name was even patented by the rose grower who developed this rose especially for the supermodel.

The rose bush is dotted with purple blossoms that start blooming in June. Yet, it’s the scent of the flowers that is most attractive.

The aroma of the roses is intense and completely memorable. This rose is therefore very fitting for the female supermodel, who is also completely memorable.

Heidi Klum’s Secret Career Change

Now there is a new development in the Heidi Klum story, career wise that is. According to Jeff Beer’s article at Fastcocreate.com She is making a decision. He writes:

“Now the brand continues its #ItsThatEasy theme with supermodel Heidi Klum. Here, in a spot created by Committee LA, Klum meets with her agent Rex Lee (Entourage)to go over some options.

So far she’s (Heidi) got a shoe brand, a vacation site, a beer idea, and an Oscar-inspired line of men’s underwear (not to be confused with her other underwear brand). Even Rex has his own talent site.

The campaign aims to further its reach through social media and exclusive YouTube content, and actual websites created for each of the business ideas in the spot.

Wix chief marketing officer Omer Shai says the biggest lesson the brand learned through its first Super Bowl campaign is to far beyond the TV.”

So, will Heidi Klum leave modeling for other interests? I don’t know for sure but we’ll see what happens.

FEEDBACK (an email I received):

Hello Bob, This is an excellent article you wrote on Heidi Klumm. Although I disagree that someone can train to be a model or take lessons, or have formal training.

Although, these things can add to, and enhance a persons career; I think, it takes natural beauty to be a world-renowned, famous, and effective model.

In my opinion, Heidi Klumm is 5’9 (this is the height most Runway modeling requires, 5’9 +).

She seems to have natural colored olive skin, as is described (this skin color blends well with different shades of makeup, accentuates beauty, and is a neutral appeasing look, or image).

Heidi Klum’s form is very unique: she has kind of high up hips, muscular, shapely, girthed, and is well proportioned from neck to feet (given and in sink with her height).

She also reminds me of what a commercial model should look like with: long legs, a tall kind of face, and long like feet and toes.

This is what a role-model of a model should look like; she especially, portrays this well in her videos.

Additionally, she walks in the foot steps of her founding models Cindy, and Naomi with good heights and forms. It is excellent how you described her childhood – being raised in Germany, the beginning of her modeling career, and her parents occupations.

I hope my feedback will be considered as sincere feedback; possibly there wasn’t a feedback section for this article.

* From Bob: Thanks for the feedback about Heidi Klum. Input is always welcome and I will publish any that has substance.

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