Supermodel Grace Hartzel

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Supermodel Grace Hartzel - Who is Grace Hartzel?

Supermodel Grace Hartzel

So, I’ve done some research for you and came up with this quick biography of female supermodel Grace Hartzel to continue getting you inspired to do more with your modeling career. Let’s get started..

Get Inspired in Your Modeling Career – See What Supermodel Grace Hartzel Has Done!

The beautiful supermodel Grace Hartzel is only 17 years old at the time of this writing, but she’s already a big deal.

How does a 17 year old model become a big deal? Well, that is an amazing question that is usually hard to answer but in the case of grace we know what makes her special.

Many would say that Grace is the All American woman, or teen. For the most part, it is her pleasant look that doesn’t necessarily speak of an unattainable beauty.

But, an attainable beauty that everyone can appreciate. It is the supermodel who went to school with you who was also a good person.

The Inner Beauty of Supermodel Grace Hartzel

One thing that stands out about supermodel Grace Hartzel is, she has that natural beauty and a look that is non threatening.

Her face fits perfectly and print media, catalogs and on billboards. She looks at home on the runways of Paris, or in the back country of Middle America.

It is a universal beauty, that is more about symmetry and pleasantness than it is about angular unattainable beauty.

This is why she is so popular and why many fashion houses, companies and people who appreciate beauty are hiring her to represent their company.

You will see her in even more places in the years to come because she is very talented and she is in high demand.

The Grace Hartzel Story

Like many other female models Grace Hartzel has a story of being an awkward young child or teenager who had not grown into her looks yet and how she was teased and felt uncomfortable with herself.

This is the classic ugly duckling and two beautiful swan story that many models have told before. It is about growing into themselves not just physically, but emotionally too.

It is always interesting to hear these type of stories coming from a model.

Especially, since society puts them on a pedestal and tries to present them as the icons of perfection.

They set them up as an image everyone else should strive to become.

But these supermodels are people too, and they have their struggles and their stories of pain and redemption just like everyone else.

What They Say about Grace Hartzel

The most influential site about modeling online, has nothing but good to say about Grace. In fact, they recently said about her;

“A Midwestern it-girl with charm to spare, the gorgeous Gracie (Hartzel) has already impressed Hedi Slimane, who chose her for a campaign for Saint Laurent.

And, she’s been making the editorial rounds in top-tier publications like Vogue Paris, Interview and LOVE.”

Check her work and look out for her future projects because the young but talented Grace is definitely a model everyone should watch.

You will begin to see her and even more places than she’s already in.

What Else is in Store for Supermodel Grace Hartzel?

In the near future, look for more mainline runway work, more print work, more commercials and more billboard work.

These are just a few of the things to do on her menu in the next few years. Don’t be shocked if you even see supermodel Grace Hartzel enter into the world of acting too!

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