Super Model Adriana Lima

You know, a thought crossed my mind the other day. When I talk to beginners in modeling I want to start reminding them of something very important to remember.

Those famous girls on the runway who have achieved super model status didn’t start out that way either.

Super Model Adriana Lima - Before I Was a Supermodel

Super Model Adriana Lima

The fabulous female super model tells the tale titled; Before I Was a Supermodel. Adriana Lima talks about her life before the spotlight on video – and yes, she did have one!

Before I Was a Supermodel: Adriana Lima

“On the eve of the 2010 Fashion Show, Super model Adriana Lima talks about what she was like as a kid and her first foray into the world of VS.”

Take it from Adriana, hardly anyone ever starts at the top in modeling and many never make it to that status.

Am I saying to shy away from becoming a VS super model like Adriana Lima? Of course not.

I just want you to be realistic in your goals. Write down where you want to end up when you become a model and then fill in the steps you’ll need to take.

There’s no doubt that female models come and go — but a few learn how to become models don’t they?

Yes, and one such woman is Adriana Lima.

This video shows a part of her you might not see while she’s modeling famous brand fashion clothes or wearing her high heels on the runway.

I hope you enjoy the story about Adriana Lima telling; “Before I was a super model” and you’ll see why this female model seems to always come out on top.

Watch the video above, then leave your thoughts in the comments below.

You may or may not become a supermodel but Adriana did it. Let her inspire you in your dream. – Bob Pardue


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