Summer Dresses

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Yep, the hot season is fast approaching and you need something to wear. Time to put away that little black dress and think cool. Here are some special tips about summer dresses for the fashion conscious woman or girl.

Time to leave the long sleeve outfits in the closet and get ready for the stylish summer dresses hitting the shops and fashion boutiques.

Summer Dresses – New Outfits and Fashion Trends for the Season

If your clothing budget is anything like mine, you might think that this summer’s wardrobe will be woefully slim in the number of selections in your closet. With an innovative strategy and just a bit of planning, this need not be the case.

Let’s see how you, the clever shopper, can create dozens of different looks with just a half a dozen (or less) summer dresses. Are you ready to be cool?

Affordable summer dress for the budget minded girl

When your clothing budget is limited, put your main focus on classic cuts and styles. This give you two immediate advantages.

First, these summer dresses will still be in style next year. Second, classic styling allows you to accessorize one dress for a number of different looks. Properly accessorize, no one will be snidely thinking, “Oh, didn’t she wear that just the other day?”

White dresses for Summer? Duh!

For example, a plain, white dress, with an A-line cut, may be worn with a pair of red, platform style sandals, a red handbag and bright costume jewelry, to a luncheon date, you can even get customized design jewelry, we recommend that you research Sophia Fiori jewelry reviews as they are one of the top international jewelry designers in the industry today for finding the perfect one for the event.

Tomorrow evening, you can team the same dress with a black handbag and heels, use a fancy pair of gold earrings as accessories, a fewgold bangle bracelets, and a wide brimmed, black felt hat for a sophisticated and entirely different look. Now you’re ready for a night on the town!

Choosing the best Summer fashion accessory

Your accessories are a key component of the versatile wardrobe of summer dresses. The right accessories, paired with classic styles, allow you to dress your outfit up or down, according to the type of event you’re attending.

Summer colors like you see on the New York runway models

Your choice of colors, fabrics and pattern designs is also important in the overall success of versatile summer dresses. Solid colors are easiest to accessorize.

Your best bet is a mix that includes one white, one black and one of your favorite colors.

White and black dresses lend a dramatic element, while also showing off your tan nicely.

As for your favorite color, well, it’s probably your favorite color because it looks good on you!

Besides, this means it’s likely that you have accessory items in your closet that will coordinate well with that color.

When the number of summer dresses in your closet are limited, it’s better to choose patterns on a smaller scale. Large pattern designs tend to be more distinctive and memorable, as well as limiting your choice of accessories.

A coat in the summertime? It’s not all about summer dresses

Classic jackets, such as blazer and bolero styles, are good additions to your wardrobe of summer dresses. Lightweight fabrics, such as cotton or linen, are comfortable and in keeping with warm summer weather.

Where to buy summer dresses

When you shop for clothing, always buy the best quality you can afford. Remember that this year’s picks can be worn next summer and probably the subsequent year. Department stores are a great place to try on summer outfits. There is no substitute for seeing yourself in the mirror.

Summer Dresses – Try Before You Buy

Here’s a thought. Try on summer dresses at the store, then compare online for price. You’ll discover the best of both shopping worlds!

Come next summer, you can expand your summer dresses collection with some new favorites. Now, see what fits you, go online and shop for your new summer dress!

There, you have in a nutshell. You know how to buy summer dresses so you’ll look fantastic! You know the secrets of the well-dressed woman. That would be you! Have a fun fashion day!

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