Study of Pose review

Study of Pose by Cocoa Rocha

Have You Heard about the New Study of Pose Book by Cocoa Rocha?

Well, you’re about to. This pose packed book has become a bombshell for women who want to learn how to pose for modeling pictures and for photographers as well. You can see some details of Cocoa Rocha’s Study of Pose book in the video below. Enjoy..

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About Coco Rocha’s Study of Pose Book

The popular model posing book is available on Amazon (above) and features 1,000 modeling poses with Cocoa Rocha wearing nothing but a white leotard to keep you focused on the tips she and Steven have to offer.

If you misplace this article, or you just want to find the modeling guide tutorial, you can go directly to the video at Study of Pose review to see it in its entirety. And, please like it if you feel this is something you can use to enhance your pictures.

Are you struggling with the “How to” of Modeling Poses?

model poseWant to know how to improve your posing style – and your pictures?

Then you’ll absolutely love this book!

Famous female supermodel Cocoa Rocha released her book, “Study of Pose” to the public and you can get your own copy to view and use.


Here’s what the Amazon ™ description has to say about Study of Pose . . .

“A groundbreaking, in-depth exploration of the movement and flexibility of the human body, featuring 1,000 stunning black-and-white photographs, that showcase the unique collaboration between international supermodel Coco Rocha, “The Queen of Pose,” and world-renowned photographer Steven Sebring.

Supermodel Coco Rocha’s uncanny ability to strike distinctive, camera-ready poses at an astounding speed, has earned her international fame throughout the fashion industry – and made her the muse of celebrated photographer Steven Sebring.

In Study of Pose, Sebring and Rocha have documented 1,000 unique poses – theatrical, vibrant, elegant, dramatic, and unlike anything the fashion or art worlds have seen before.

Study of Pose features Rocha in a simple white leotard –  jumping, sitting, standing, bending over and everything else you can imagine.

The results are gorgeous and arresting tastes of the potential of the female form.

The order comes packaged in a beautiful black case, with two black satin bookmarks, and a four-color bellyband with French folds, Study of Pose is sure to become an essential reference for Rocha’s millions of fans around the world, as well as all models, artists, photographers, and lovers of art and fashion.”

So Many Model Posing Books..

You can find a variety of model posing tips and books on the subject but not many are as thorough as this one.

And, None are written by such a powerful combination as Steven Sebring and Cocoa Rocha. So, this is one to really watch.

Study of Pose – What to Do Now!

Study of Pose reviewNow that you know this magnificent book is out, what are you going to do about it? Are you going to continue to struggle learning poses as you go, and living with the stress?

Or, are you going to get Cocoa’s book and start posing like a professional? The choice is yours.

So, don’t delay. Get your copy of Study of Pose by Cocoa Rocha – while supplies last, and at a great discount you’ll love!

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See you next trip! – Bob Pardue


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