Key West Florida stock images

Stock Photos of Key West Florida by Bob Pardue

Stock photo of Key West Florida Southernmost Point
Stock photo of tourists riding scooters and viewing the Southernmost Point at Key West Florida USA. The island is a favorite attraction for visitors to the Florida Keys. – Copyright Bob Pardue

If your mind keeps you awake with thoughts of carefree living, Key West, Florida is calling your name.

Packed with things to do and places to see, this southern United States paradise attracts travelers from all over the world — any time of the year!

My stock photos of Key West Florida show some of the fun and excitement of the area.

So, sit back and enjoy the journey…

Rights Managed Stock Photos of Key West Florida by Bob Pardue

I captured some usual (and some unique) stock images while Jean & I visited Key West, FL on a travel stock photo assignment.

Then, we followed up with some fun times traveling around the island paradise. I strongly suggest planning this adventurous road trip if you ever find yourself traveling to Miami or Florida points south.

Caption: Stock Photo of Key West Florida USA

Description: Key West Florida is located in the southernmost area of the United States and attracts thousands of visitors from all over the world annually.

Key West Florida stock photos
Stock photo of Southernmost Point in the continental United States in Key West Florida USA
Stock Photos of Key West Florida
Stock photo showing exterior of the little White House at Key West Florida USA
Lifestyle Stock Photos of Key West Florida
Stock photo of Caucasian female driver 25 to 30 years smiling and waving from window of Old Town Trolley tour bus at Key West Florida USA

Travel to Key West Florida

Down in Key West, or the Florida Keys you will enjoy a tropical experience. Key West is a favorite vacations spot, since it reminds visitors of the beautiful Caribbean areas.

The world known island adds to its scenic area, enabling you to enjoy activities such as…

  • scuba diving,
  • snorkeling,
  • sports fishing,
  • sunbathing,
  • sailing,
  • photography,
  • boating,
  • eco-touring,
  • kayaking,
  • and so on.

And, each destination has its own attraction.

The Attraction of the Keys

To put it plainly, Key West is a paradise on earth.

Southwest of Key West is Florida‟s popular area, Miami. This is the very first island you will explore as you visit the Key West area.


Tourist guides give you a first class diving course, which will enable you to visit the sunken ships off the coast. At the same time, you will enjoy marine life at its best.


Along the Keys is Island Islamorada. Many travelers visit this area to enjoy sport fishing.

Tournaments, anglers, and the line all join in to bone fish.

Sail fishing is another of Key West‟s main attractions.

Remember the Marathon Keys

Key West surrounds the Marathon Keys. If you enjoy relaxation, rive up those engines and head on over to Marathon Keys. Is the vacation spot, you‟ll want to enjoy a moment of relaxation along the sandy beaches.

Marathon Hotels:

Bonefish Resort is one of Marathon Keys finer motels. The motel is ideal for those traveling on a strict budget.

Captains Pip Marina and Hideaway is a friendly hotel, where suites are available. You will have Ocean views, as well as a guest boat you can enjoy while staying at the hotel.

Big Pine Keys

Another of Key West‟s finest areas is the Big Pine Keys. This area is located at Key West‟s lower section.

If you enjoy boating, this is the area you truly want to visit. You will enjoy

  • tours,
  • motor scooter day trips (stock photo at top),
  • dives,
  • snorkels,
  • back-country fishing trips,
  • bird watching,
  • and more as you enjoy the Big Pine Keys.

THE Place for Fun? Key West FL Provides the Answer!

So remember, Key West is the place to go if you want to enjoy:

  • sunny beaches,
  • local attractions and island flavor
  • perky clear blue waters,
  • beautiful areas,
  • boating,
  • fishing,
  • shooting stock photography (my pet peeve)
  • water sports,
  • or, whatever else your traveling heart desires!

Live by the Sea

An advantage the Key West offers you are that you can take your boat and live on the waters into your vacation expires.

In all areas of Key West you will enjoy nightlife along with daytime activities whenever the time is right for you.

78 Degrees and All is Well at Key West ..

Do you love consistency? Good! The weather usually stays at around 78 degrees, so you very seldom feel uncomfortable. This point is extremely important to me as a travel stock photographer.

According to a multitude of reviews, Key West is where it’s happening, especially if you like
nightlife or the laid-back atmosphere of a tropical island.

So, go online and book your Key West trip to explore the greatest vacation of your lifetime!

For Photo Editors & Publishers ..

Key West Florida stock images
Stock photo of Caucasian female driver 25 to 30 years smiling and waving from window of Old Town Trolley tour bus at Key West Florida USA. – Copyright Bob Pardue

If you are a publisher or photo editor, you’ll be excited to know Jean and I offer a handsome variety of stock photos of Key West Florida over at Alamy.

All my Key West photos are rights managed.

So, just do a search and license the pictures for editorial use here.

Thanks for stopping by!

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