Stock Photo of Washington DC USA

Stock Photo of Washington DC USA – The White House

As you most likely know, Jean & I travel across the United States every chance we get.

Our photography excursions range from Cocoa Beach to California to yes, Washington DC!

We really enjoyed our photo trips to Washington DC, USA. Before the restrictions, we traveled often to shoot stock images and enjoy the richness of the US capitol.

So, we took our grandson on a stock photo assignment to Washington DC. This was his preference to heading out west.

While on this trip, I discovered some nice stock photo opportunities in and surrounding the area, including the image shown of the White House.

Additionally, I want to share some of the main points of interest & things to do in Washington DC. You can read this in the description area below.

When you read the article, you might even become enticed enough to travel on over to the Virginia / Maryland line to see for yourself!

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Stock Photo of Washington DC

Caption: Stock Photo of The White House, Washington DC , USA

Description: White House Washington DC exterior front view with lawn & fountain

It’s exciting to know that, on a nearly year-round basis, you can take your family on a guided tour of Washington, DC, our US Capital and a fascinating city to visit.

This is a good city for families to visit as it teaches children how our government works. And, you’ll find dozens of interesting things to see and do.

Washington DC Guided Tours

Guided tours of Washington DC can be walking tours, driving tours or a combination of both. In many cases, because traffic can be difficult around the capital, it pays to spend most of your time on a guided walking tour.

As you may know, most aspects of central Washington DC are centered on a large rectangular “mall” with places to visit throughout.

So, just pick a spot and follow through from there.

The US Capitol

Perhaps you’ll want to start out at our nation’s capital building. It’s a busy place where you may be able to view the places where the Senate and the House of Representatives meet and make our laws. Most guided tours will show you specific points of interest, including interesting architecture, paintings and statues.

Washington DC Museums

When touring Washington DC, enjoy one or more of the many museums in the area. There’s plenty to choose so allow enough time to take part in each one.

The Smithsonian Institute lies in several buildings on either side of the capital building. On guided tours of these areas, you may wish to pick the buildings and areas you think you and your family will like the most.

Or, perhaps you will choose the Air and Space Museum. You’ll see old rockets, space suits, famous airplanes and even a planetarium show. Kids love this museum and adults get a chance to be kids for a change.

The Holocaust Museum is tucked away along the south side of the mall and it’s not as easy to see; however, many guided tours of the area will show you the way. This museum is a must-see event that will teach you and your children a great deal about what so many people suffered through.

Washington DC Monuments & Memorials

As you walk along the mall, the large obelisk, the Washington Monument looms as the center point in the mall. Guided tours of Washington DC often stop here.

To the South, you’ll see the Jefferson Memorial and, to the North, you’ll see the White House.

While the lines may be long, you can often get in to see a guided tour of the inside of the White House on certain days of the week (Be sure and check the schedule).

Further down on the mall are the Vietnam Memorial Wall, a striking design that moves nearly every one who sees it. Guided tours of the area will also take you to the newer memorial to World War II veterans.

If you visit at the right time of the year, usually in early to mid-spring, you can see the cherry blossoms in full bloom along both sides of a rectangular, shallow reflecting pool. In wintertime, however, the pool is drained.

None of the guided tours of Washington DC will let you miss the Lincoln Memorial with its famous statue of the seated Abraham Lincoln. From the top of its steps, you can see the entire mall in all its glory.

Arlington Cemetery

If you’re on one of the guided tours of Washington DC using buses or trolleys, they’ll probably take you to see Arlington Cemetery, where many famous people have been buried.

Be sure and visit the touching Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, also called the Tomb of the Unknowns. As a way to finish the trip, drive by the massive Pentagon to see how huge it is how many people work there.

So, there you have it. This virtual visit to Washington DC reminded me of the many challenges and victories through the ages which make up our great nation. I hope you will remember those who made the USA great and those who will make it great again.

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Stock Photo of Washington DC USA

Lincoln Memorial – Stock Photos of Washington DC USA

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