Stock Photo of Lifestyle Activity at Ft. Lauderdale Florida

Stock Photo of Lifestyle Activity at Ft. Lauderdale Florida

by: Jean Pardue

The best hot dog I ever ate was from a little sandwich stand on the corner in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. I know this has nothing to do with stock photography, but it was one of the first thoughts that came to mind when looking through these Florida lifestyle stock photos on Alamy.

So, I hope you enjoy this stock photo of a senior man on his vacation on the Ft. Lauderdale coast. You can click on the image for an enlarged version and editorial license information…

Editorial Stock Photo of a Senior Enjoying His Vacation off the Coast at Ft Lauderdale Florida USA


Stock Photo of Lifestyle Activity at Ft. Lauderdale Florida
High resolution images of Florida for editorial use – Copyright Bob Pardue Photography

I spotted this man having a ball with his snorkeling gear and thought: “What a great editorial story this would make for a newspaper or magazine publishers.”

Caption: Caucasian Man Wearing Blue Shirt Black Shorts Comes in From Day of Recreation at the Beach Ft Lauderdale Florida USA

Description: Rights managed stock photo features a Caucasian man wearing blue shirt and carrying shoes walking along a Ft. Lauderdale Beach, Florida at the end of a day filled with recreation, USA.

How to License This Ft Lauderdale Fishing Stock Photo

All our travel stock photos & senior lifestyle images are posted in the library over at Alamy Images. And, these are high resolution images and most are rights managed so you can enjoy more exclusivity when you use them.

It’s quick & easy to order. Or, you can download a comp instantly.

I hope you’ll get good use from this stock photo of fishing in Florida. If you have photo assignment ideas or special photo needs, just contact us & maybe we can help.

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You can also use this Florida lifestyle stock photo for editorials in…

  • School textbooks
  • Distance learning websites
  • Travel blogging sites
  • Online illustrations
  • & other uses.

So, if you’re a photo editor looking for an illustration picture for any of the above, I’d be honored if you choose my image.

More Quick Details About Fort Lauderdale Florida

Just because I was curious, and to help you with editorial ideas, I did some research to find out more about the Ft. Lauderdale area before embarking on this Florida stock photography assignment. Here’s one result from my search..

“Ft Lauderdale, Florida situates about 25 miles north of Miami. It is the county seat of Broward County.

The city is a popular tourist destination, with an average year-round temperature of 75.5 °F and 3,000 hours of sunshine per year.

Greater Fort Lauderdale, encompassing all of Broward County, hosted 13 million overnight visitors in 2018. There were over 560 hotels, and nearly 36,000 hotel rooms. From that, the county collected nearly $87 million from its 5% hotel development tax it charges.

Additionally, 3.89 million cruise passengers passed through its Port Everglades, making it the 3rd largest cruise port in the world.


Greater Fort Lauderdale offers:

      • 4,000 or more restaurants so you won’t go hungry!
      • over 60 well groomed golf courses,
      • 12 shopping malls,
      • 16 museums from history to just plain fun,
      • 132 nightlife locations,
      • 278 parkland campsites,
      • and 100 marinas housing 45,000 resident yachts.” – (Source = Wikipedia)

Thank you again for visiting and I hope you enjoy the image and story. Please comment below with any thoughts, suggestions or travel stock photo ideas. – Jean & Bob Pardue

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