Stock photo Old Schoolhouse St Augustine Florida

Editorial stock photo Old Schoolhouse St Augustine Florida

As you most likely know, Jean & I travel on road trips to many different destinations within the United States every chance we get.

And, It’s so difficult to tell you about any one favorite location — We love ’em all!

But, at least one of our favorite places to visit is the “oldest city” of St. Augustine Florida, USA.

Before the restrictions, we traveled along the eastern seaboard often, from Washington DC to Key West, FL to shoot stock images and enjoy the richness of the southeastern United States.

While on one of our photo trips, we discovered some nice stock photo opportunities in and surrounding the St. Augustine area, including the image shown of the Old Schoolhouse.

Also in this travel article, I’ll share some of the main points while visiting St. Augustine. You can read these in the description below the stock photo caption.

Maybe you’ll want to see this famous Florida city for yourself!

Finally, if you’re a photo editor or publisher, you can go here to view my editorial stock photos of the area.

Stock Photo of the Old Schoolhouse at St Augustine FL

Caption: Stock Photo of The Old Schoolhouse, St. Augustine, Florida, USA

Description: Old Schoolhouse at St Augustine FL exterior front view with school teacher standing in 2nd floor window

Taking in the St. Augustine Florida Sights: The Old Schoolhouse St Augustine

A unique and memorable sightseeing adventure is waiting for you at the Old Schoolhouse St Augustine in Florida.

Said to actually be the oldest schoolhouse in the area, many believe this school began construction in the early portion of the 1700s.

Dating back into history, the wooden structure was the home of a man named Juan Genoply.

Ironically, this occupant was a schoolmaster who had a passion and desire for teaching small children throughout the St. Augustine area.

Haunted St Augustine History

Florida legend claims the old schoolhouse is haunted. According to the legend, the schoolmaster as well as his family still look after the old schoolhouse (not the woman in the window 🙂 ).

The schoolhouse was something that they put a lot of work into all throughout their lifetimes.

Today, many locals & Florida tourists who walk past the schoolhouse will swear they see a light moving around in the upper area of the building, even though the wooden structure is completely empty!

Florida History Rediscovered

People who make their way to the Old Schoolhouse at St Augustine quickly learn about the rich history of the structure, right down to the materials that went into the building of it.

Building Materials

Interestingly, the building construction consisted of cedar and red cypress wood. These materials were held together using both handmade nails and wooden pegs.

Old Schoolhouse Artifacts

St Augustine Florida Stock Images

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During walking tours, guests enjoy the many original artifacts on display from the time period, which include cooking utensils and much more.

While inside the schoolhouse, people discover some of the different books the students studied.

And, visitors learn more about the building’s colorful history through artifacts.

All in all, this is a great place to go if you are looking for a day trip in the St. Augustine area. And, the street leading to the old schoolhouse is just as enticing!

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