How to Start a Modeling Career

This field called entertainment is a mystery to many new male and female models starting out. I hope this post helps you learn how to start a modeling career – and work at something you really love to do.

A Quick Word about Modeling Salaries..

Truthfully, some models earn high hourly wages. And, others make a meager income. The modeling pay scale depends on several factors.

So, new models are not guaranteed a strong income automatically even if they are picked in a model search.

However, if you want to be a model and get paid for your work, then this could be a starting point.

But, even if you are goal oriented, you need to understand work is involved to start a real career in modeling.

If you agree to the statement above, stay positive and hold on. Take a look at how to start your modeling career – and then make it happen! Read these quick tips for models and to start a modeling career

Do You Have Everything It Takes? Discover How to Start a Modeling Career

Learn What Talent Agencies Want

Customers  increasingly look for types of models. And this talent may not fit into any certain category.

If customers want a special physical trait that does not fit into their category, make sure you fit the request.

If not, they will reject you despite your being attractive.

Changes in Female Modeling Careers

how to start a modeling career

how to start a modeling career

The female model industry today has changed a lot. In the past, clients & talent agencies searched for the most beautiful women to participate in the network.

However, this later proved ineffective. Why? Because, there are some niches which didn’t require a perfect figure.

This meant they were losing a huge market base. Now, the modeling industry accepts different types of women, not just the conventional beauty.

But, before you decide to be a female model, know what the talent agencies want.

For example, glamour modeling agencies look for a “curvy body” in its model applicants.

On the other hand, a runway model needs a higher physical stature (tall & slim).

Also, you’ll find many other body & facial types in-between. Do your homework and learn your body type.

Professional Photos and Starting Your Modeling Career

No matter what some say, show your best pictures to the modeling agencies. Yes, the agents many times keep photos on file for future reference. They need to see your face.

If possible, set up professional model photo shoots to put together your portfolio. Yes, professional photographers are expensive. But, they really help when marketing yourself in this business.

These photographers come with years of experience in making professional model pictures. So, this makes your portfolio of photos more efficient when presented to clients.

Another option is to find a friend with a good camera who can photograph you.

Include a simple head & body shot along with a small variety of pics (no more than 8 or 10). And, I listed one more idea below..

Consider TFP (TFCD) to Build Your Modeling Portfolio

If you can’t afford to pay a photographer, try TFP (time for print). Nowadays, it’s called TFCD (time for cd). Yes, it does exist. This post is long already so I wrote another on this subject…

==> Go here to learn about getting free modeling pictures.

Next, send your photos to different popular talent agencies in your region. But first, be sure to read the requirements of model agents before submitting your application.

Most model agencies offer a formal application form online to send your stats and experience. And, the application form lets you list extra talents as well. This way, you tell what you have to offer them (and their clients).

If the agency is impressed, they will set up an interview. When you show up, keep a pleasant and professional attitude throughout the casting call.

Easy going people are more likely to get accepted – especially for commercial modeling jobs.

So, How Do You Really Start a Modeling Career?

Just so you know, your first modeling jobs may be less than glamorous. Why? Because, the modeling agency wants to see how you do before casting you in the higher paying jobs.

So, how do you start a modeling career and get these jobs?

Make plenty of contacts and be prepared to start at the bottom. This is how most of the famous people did it!

I hope you learned the basics about getting started in modeling careers. But, what do you do next?

Take Action!

Don’t just be a reader – Be a doer! These modeling tips should inspire you to do something today.

First, get some good modeling advice from people who really know the business.

Next, write down goals for what you need and take a first step now.

Once you begin, other steps will follow. Then, you are on your way to becoming a professional model. How cool is that? – Bob


If you are ready to take that next step to learn how to start your modeling career, check out my book below. It’s available on Kindle and ready for instant download. Just click the picture to buy now…

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