Not Wearing Aerobic Sport Shoes Could Counteract Your Exercise Program

sport shoesFitness All the things you do to keep fit are essential. Your are exercising and eating right but what about your attire and fashion footwear when you workout? Aerobic sport shoes play a big role in the health of your feet.

The Type of Athletic Sport Footwear is Important

If you are doing a workout routine you need to read some facts about wearing the best footwear for the job. The importance of proper shoes is often underrated.

People talk about doing the exercises right, planning out a routine, eating properly, hydrating properly, and all manner of other workout tips, but they seldom get to talk about good gym shoes.

You Don’t Need Sport Shoes If …

Of course, if you are taking an aerobics class, then footwear does not matter.

You will do all of your aerobic exercise on a padded mat, and wearing shoes will be discouraged, if not outright banned from the room for the sake of preserving the floor.

But for many other aerobic exercises (with swimming and a few other excepted) proper aerobic shoes are a must. You just can not protect your feet without them.

Your Type of Exercise Determines the Best Workout Shoes

Buying the best workout shoes depends upon what you are doing for your workout. If you are a serious runner, you need to get running shoes.

These are lighter than other kind of aerobic shoes, and concentrate padding for where runners need it. They are no good for playing tennis, for example, as they provide very little lateral ankle support.

Tennis Shoes

For tennis, or most other exercises that involve more than just moving in a straight line, you need a different kind of aerobic shoes: cross trainers or tennis shoes.

Basically, both of these shoes for sports and exercise are about the same thing – the modern version of the gym shoe, with plenty of padding, but still a low top to allow some flexibility and movement at the ankle.

Sports and Athletic Shoes

Of course, if you play basketball, you need bigger sturdier aerobic shoes to adequately protect your ankle.

These are called high tops, and they come up all the way to the top of the ankle.

They are great for this sport, because you are repeatedly jumping high, bursting into sudden sprints in different directions, and doing many other things that can wreak havoc on your ankle.

They protect you from injuries much better than any other kind of aerobic shoes, and you will see almost all basketball players wearing them. This type shoe is not good for the kinds of sprints that you have in tennis, however, and so are rarely if ever worn by tennis players.

Sport Shoes for Running

Then again, if you are a cross country runner, you need different types of sport shoes altogether. This footwear will be sort of a combination between tennis shoes and light hiking boots, with a fairly light build and plenty of traction on the bottom.

But that is another story entirely. Now you can see how exercise programs for models is not complete without all the equipment you need. This includes buying the best workout shoes to fit whatever activity you are doing today.

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