South Carolina Stock Photo List

South Carolina Stock List for photo editors and publisners

South Carolina Stock List by Bob Pardue

SC stock photos

I fell in love with Carolina travel photography at a later age.

In my 40’s I did all the “educational” stuff to become somewhat technically efficient at creating images (blush).

Sounds cold and boring, doesn’t it?

I constantly travel throughout North and South Carolina so why not combine stock pictures with my travels? So, enjoy this …

Rights Managed South Carolina Stock List – Travel & Lifestyle Photos

Take a look at the SC stock list of photos below & bookmark the page so you can come back later for updates…

  • Cowpens SC welcome sign,
  • Cowpens SC main street,
  • Spartanburg SC welcome sign,
  • Falls Park on the Reedy, Falls Park Greenville SC,
  • Myrtle Beach Sky Wheel at night,
  • Sky Wheel Myrtle Beach SC
  • Pageland South Carolina,
  • Blenheim SC welcome sign,
  • Bennettsville SC welcome sign,
  • Hunting Island lighthouse near Beaufort South Carolina
  • Chester County SC welcome sign
  • Worlds longest limousine Myrtle Beach SC
  • Flood warning sign on the Saluda River Columbia SC,
  • Book displayed in old schoolhouse at Andrew Jackson State Park Lancaster SC,
  • woman weaving Palmetto palm fronds basket Charleston SC,
  • Cotton bale hangs on scale at South Carolina Cotton Museum Bishopville SC ,
  • Alligator Water tank McBee SC,
  • Our Shepherd Lutheran Church Hartsville SC, early cotton press SC,
  • Cotton growing in field SC,
  • Hunting Island Lighthouse Beaufort SC,
  • Man catches hammerhead shark Charleston SC,
  • Two boys look at bomb release of jet on USS Yorktown,
  • Boy looks into cannon at Fort Sumter SC,
  • Kershaw House Camden SC Revolutionary War Park,
  • Cornwallis House Camden SC,
  • Railroad Depot Heath Springs SC,
  • two men fish on Catawba River Great Falls dam SC,
  • Students gather to tour capitol building Columbia SC,
  • Hiker and his dog walk trails Kings Mountain Military Park SC,
  • Flood protection wall Tripp Island SC,
  • Man in cowboy hat changes population sign Lone Star SC,
  • USS Clamagore 343,
  • welcome to SC sign,
Stock images of South Carolina by Bob Pardue Photography
Stock images of South Carolina
  • Welcome to Myrtle Beach sign SC,
  • Caucasian Female Ranger at Myrtle Beach State Park ,
  • Caucasian Senior Couple at Myrtle Beach State Park,
  • Caucasian Senior Couple at Myrtle Beach State Park playing guitar,
  • Caucasian Senior Couple at Myrtle Beach State Park playing board game,
  • African American woman fishing,
  • woman reading,
  • myrtle beach state park entrance sign,
  • kids fishing on pier,
  • man views coastline,
  • Caucasian Father and Daughter Enjoy Grandstrand in Myrtle Beach SC, Chairs on Grandstrand,
  • Caucasian Teen Boy Plays Lacrosse on Grandstrand in Myrtle Beach,
  • Caucasian senior couple 55 to 60 years holding hands and walking on the Grandstrand in Myrtle Beach,
  • Time Machine roller coaster ride in Freestyle Park at Myrtle Beach,
  • Medieval Times castle at Myrtle Beach South Carolina,
  • people playing miniature golf at the Treasure Island course at Myrtle Beach,
  • orangeburg courthouse sc,
  • calhoun courthouse sc,
  • st matthews historic library south carolina,
  • County of Charleston Historic Courthouse SC,
  • St Michael’s Episcopal Church Charleston,
  • House on Battery Street in Charleston,
  • Horse Drawn Carriage Tour on Battery Street in Charleston SC,
  • Union SC,
  • Nestle factory SC,
  • storm ready county sign,
  • Tourists Relax on the Battery in Charleston SC,
  • Tour Bus on Battery Street in Charleston South Carolina,
  • Couples Relax at Battery Park in Charleston SC,
  • African American Man Fishes at the Battery in Charleston SC,
  • Art Gallery on Market Street at Charleston SC,
  • Spice and Tea Exchange on Market Street at Charleston SC,
  • French Quarter Inn on Market Street at Charleston SC,
  • Bubba Gump Restaurant on Market Street at Charleston SC,
  • Hat Shop on Market Street at Charleston South Carolina,
  • charleston sc street musician,
  • Johnson Hagood Stadium at The Citadel in Charleston SC,
  • bulldog mascot statue in front of Johnson Hagood Stadium at The Citadel in Charleston SC,
  • Revolutionary War Park Camden SC,
  • Caucasian Senior Couple Visit Revolutionary War Park Camden SC,
  • Drakeford House,
  • Robert Mills Courthouse Camden SC,
  • Victorian Hill Memorial Park Museum Camden SC,
  • Battle of Camden National Historic Landmark, SC,
  • battery park charleston sc,
  • senior couple at battery park charleston sc,
  • charleston harbor,
  • drawbridge at Myrtle Beach,
  • Carolina Opry building Myrtle Beach SC,
  • Dolly Partons Dixie Stampede attraction Myrtle Beach SC,
  •  bike week Myrtle Beach SC,
  • motorcycle week Myrtle Beach SC,
  • 2007 bike rally,
  •  couple riding motorcycle Myrtle Beach,
  • tearing down Myrtle Beach Pavilion building,
  • pirate choking tourist
  • Jolly Rover tall ship tour Georgetown SC,
  • Georgetown County Museum SC,
  • Georgetown County Courthouse South Carolina,
  • man jogging Georgetown South Carolina,
  • couple walking Georgetown South Carolina shop,
  • man walking dog Georgetown South Carolina,
  • woman looking in window Georgetown SC shop,
  • man resting on Georgetown South Carolina street, Strand Theater Georgetown SC,
  • man riding bike on wharf Georgetown SC,
  • woman walking on wharf Georgetown SC,
  • SC Rice Museum
  • Old Market Building Georgetown,
  • African-American children eating ice cream
  • Broadway at the Beach SC,
  • worlds largest sand castle Myrtle Beach South Carolina,
  • man viewing worlds largest sand castle Myrtle Beach,
Stock photograph of World's largest sandcastle Myrtle Beach SC
Stock photograph of man viewing World’s largest sandcastle Myrtle Beach SC
  • woman police officer Myrtle Beach, couple launching a model helicopter Myrtle Beach, Myrtle Beach Pavilion Amusement Park South Carolina,
  • Pavilion giant roller coaster Myrtle Beach,
  • small girl playing  ocean Myrtle Beach,
  • boy steering remote control model boat Broadway at the Beach
  • boys in hula hoop contest Broadway at the Beach,
  • family shopping Broadway at the Beach,
  • caucasian man at Ripleys Aquarium sign Myrtle Beach,
  • African-American family at Ripleys Aquarium sign Myrtle Beach,
  • Mammys Kitchen Myrtle Beach SC,
  • Woman looking in shop window Pawleys Island SC,
  • Santa sleigh reindeer,
  • Hammock shop at Pawley’s Island, SC
  • African-American man making rope hammock Pawleys Island South Carolina,
  • woman hanging rope hammock Pawleys Island SC,
  • man carrying rope hammock Pawleys Island,
  • Men shopping Original Hammock Shop Pawleys Island South Carolina,
  • African-American Man on a Swing at Beaufort SC,
  • The Attic Myrtle Beach SC,
  • Keep off dunes sign Myrtle Beach SC,
  • Mike Campbell of SC,
  • Bill Pinkney of Drifters 80th Birthday Party,
  • Jackie Gore of The Embers,
  • Leon Everette,
  • Maurice Williams,
  • Billy Scott,
  • Forest fire prevention sign Hunting Island SC,
  • Thunderbirds at Shaw Fest 2005 Sumter SC,
  • Memphis Belle,
  • Finger touching nose of jet fighter,
  • C-17 aircraft in flight, Bridge out and detour sign,
  • Old outhouse SC,
  • Christmas tree farm SC,
  • Designer Allen Marshall unveils monument Lancaster SC,
  • Outdoor small town high school reunion SC,
  • people in yellow shirts sing National Anthem SC,
  • Clemson fans watch show SC,
  • Man with metal detector on beach Myrtle Beach SC,
  • White sheet covers dead body in SC swamp Beaufort,
  • Elderly woman votes at machine Lancaster SC,
  • Mother and daughter vote Lancaster SC,
  • Gay Fish Company Beaufort SC,
  • Port Royal Sound SC,
  • Crane excavating granite at mining operation site Kershaw SC,
  • Machine loads timber at lumber yard Florence SC,
  • Honda AquaTrax personal watercraft plant Timmonsville SC,
  • Farmhouse with barn and palmetto tree Darlington SC,
  • Old Moonshine Still Barrel at Hagood Grist Mill,
  • moonshine still,
  • Antique Cotton Gin at Hagood Grist Mill,
  • cotton gin,
  • Hagood Grist Mill in Upstate South Carolina,
  • family at Trail Head Access Sign at Table Rock State Park,
  • Table Rock State Park, upstate SC,
  • woman and girl view Table Rock,
  • Table Rock State Park sign,
  • Campbell’s Covered Bridge in Gowensville SC,
  • Charleston South Carolina
  • Chesterfield County General Hospital SC,
  •  Zoo Woman paints face of little girl at Sumter SC festival,
  • Man takes a break in the park Sumter SC,
  • Man buys cold drink at event Sumter SC,
  • Lovers sit on park bench Sumter SC,
  • DJ waves from inside giant radio trailer Sumter SC,
  • Bald man with tattoo plays kazoo at event Sumter SC,
  • Loudspeakers hooked on tree,
  • Man drinks from long purple glass at event Sumter SC, Candle vender at event Sumter SC, Home Depot shopping cart,
  • Three African-American women in hats and a boy in red shirt at event in Sumter SC,
  • family enjoys walk in the park Sumter SC,
  • multicultural families enjoy picnic Sumter SC,
  • Dad pushes baby while twin girls tag behind at event in Sumter SC,
  • Dad & baby having picnic lunch at event Sumter SC,
  • Girl sits on dock in marshlands Beaufort SC,
  • US Coast Guard boat,
  • Lazy turtle sunbathing on rock at park Sumter SC,
  • Man fishing on Catawba River Lancaster SC,
  • Thou shalt not enter sign church cemetery, Rich Hill Baptist Church Lancaster SC,
  • Farmer feeds cows from tractor Lancaster SC,
  • Teen girl dancing in street Beaufort SC,
  • Man preaching on street Beaufort SC,
  • Man hands out religious tracts to teens on street Beaufort SC,
  • Handsome cab horse takes lunch break
  • Man carries water bottle and walks on beach Myrtle Beach SC,
  • Teen boys surfing Myrtle Beach SC,
  • African American Couple walking Myrtle Beach SC,
  • Retired couple walk Myrtle Beach SC,
  • Man Fishing Myrtle Beach SC,
  • Worker secures golf bag to sky lift Myrtle Beach SC,
  • Crowd Waves US flags as National Guard Unit is Deployed to Iraq Lancaster SC,
  • US Soldier Says Goodbye to Upset Wife Lancaster SC,
  • Caretakers work National Cemetery Beaufort SC,
  • Pattern from quilt made by slaves in 1800s SC Museum,
  • Writer Kendall Bell finishes story,
  • Woman in coat walks at Hunting Island SC,
  • Young woman practices yoga exercises Hunting Island SC,
  • Riders buy tickets at pink ticket booth Myrtle Beach SC,
  • Young woman looks for seashells Myrtle Beach SC,
  • Couple looks for seashells Myrtle Beach SC,
  • Commotion at Myrtle Beach SC,
  • Brookgreen Gardens SC,
  • bikers riding down trail Palmetto Bluff Resort Bluffton SC,
  • tourists reading sign at Palmetto Bluff Inn Bluffton SC,
  • Chapel at Palmetto Bluff Resort Bluffton SC,
  • Palmetto Bluff Inn Bluffton South Carolina,
  • feed storage silo SC,
  • rural feed and farm store SC,
  • Crown Reef resort hotel Myrtle Beach SC,
  • Toddler swings on bungee jump SC,
  • Careforce medi vac helicopter SC,
  • Golden Knights parachutist flies flag Shaw Fest 2005 Sumter SC,
  • B 2 stealth bomber flies over ocean South Carolina,
  • Silhouette of B 52 bomber in flight,
  • Soldier with machine gun,
  • Welcome to Myrtle Beach sign SC,
  • giant roller coaster ride construction
  • Hollywood Square Myrtle Beach South Carolina,
  • Myrtle Beach fishing pier at sunrise,
  • Giant ferris wheel Family Kingdom Myrtle Beach,
  • Giant wooden roller coaster Family Kingdom Myrtle Beach,
  • Bulldog at South Carolina State University Orangeburg, Welcome to North Myrtle Beach sign,
  • Welcome to Myrtle Beach sign,
  • Kings Mountain Military Park SC,
  • South of the Border Dillon SC,
  • Chester County welcome sign SC,
  • Blenneim SC sign,
  • cotton plant,
  • Pageland South Carolina,
  • Pageland Chamber of Commerce,
  • Pageland Town Hall building,
  • Dizzy Gillespie park Cheraw SC,
  • Encounters Myrtle Beach SC, Hard Rock Cafe Myrtle Beach,
  • 2nd Avenue Pier Myrtle Beach South Carolina,
  • Myrtle Beach Boardwalk,
  • Shoeless Joe Jackson Museum Greenville SC,
  • Falls Park Greenville, Falls Park on the Reedy,
  • Spartanburg SC welcome sign,
  • Hub City Sign SC,
  • Cowpens SC welcome sign,
  • Myrtle Beach Skywheel night,
  • Myrtle Beach Skywheel,
  • Cross Keys SC,
  • Johnson Hagood Stadium The Citadel Charleston SC,
  • Bubba Gump Restaurant Charleston South Carolina,
  • Gaffney SC welcome sign, Gaffney South Carolina.
  • Old Esso Service Station Galivants Ferry SC
Stock photo Shoeless Joe Jackson Museum Greenville South Carolina
Stock photo shows senior man viewing artifact at Shoeless Joe Jackson Museum Greenville South Carolina

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The Unyielding Love of Creating a Carolina Stock Photo

Travel stock photography of the Carolina area allows me to create images that are enticing for photo editors. It allows my wife and I to travel & meet new people. Both of us enjoy traveling to the SC Low Country (Myrtle Beach & Beaufort).

Don’t discount the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina and everything in-between! Let’s face it. I’m blessed to live a few hours from the SC beaches to the mountains.

All my Carolina stock photos are “rights managed” so you can rest assured they will not be scattered all over like royalty free.

But enough of the techno garble. You love the Carolina area. I love to create stock images of Carolina for you!

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South Carolina stock photos
Stock photo of the Gullah Museum at Georgetown South Carolina USA – Copyright Bob Pardue Photography

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