Are There Really Short Modeling Agencies for Girls – Or is This Just a Myth?

Finding short modeling agencies can be an overwhelming task because not many are exactly calling out for height challenged girls.

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Getting Started as a Petite Model

You may not find an agency that specifically specializes in petite size modeling; but there are some of the “traditional” agents that are willing to work with models of all sizes.

Requirements for Shorter Models (Petite)

  • height range 4″9′-5″7′ and size 9/10 or less; any shorter falls under teenagers or preteen modeling
  • pretty face, great facial features, good posture, healthy hair, elegance
  • work your body well and get in shape since you’re a bit disadvantaged by taller models
  • travel; willing and flexible to relocate; the best cities are New York, LA, London and Paris, which will require you to always be on the move.
  • May be required to work without pay for sometime as a beginner – Don’ t worry, rewards come to those who put in the time.

Approaching a Model Agency

  • create a portfolio with high-quality snapshots preferably by a professional photographer. Accentuate your best features.
  • specify which area you will be good at; print, commercials, runway etc.
  • do not put all your focus on your short stature; highlight your qualities and talents
  • send your resume to as many agents as possible, and let a hiring agency look you over for opinions and recommendations

Some reputable short modeling agencies include IMG, Ford Models, Elite Models, Eye for I, to magazines like Bella Petite, Glamour, Elle, Cosmo Girl and others.

For Inspiration – Here are the Top 5 short Models

Nicole Fox: crowned winner of America’s Next Top Model cycle 13. Working with Wilhelmina Models, graced the Seventeen and CoverGirl magazine, numerous runways and ads.

Eveline Voznesenskaya: 7-year-old Russian model and actress. Started at age 4. Has featured in countless shows and magazines like Vogue Bambini, and won several awards among them “Little Miss Galaxy”.

Isobella Jade: model, author and PR expert. Stands at 5″4′. Appeared in The New York Post Pulse, Media Bistro, Fashion Television among others. Famous for her book on short modeling advice.

Josia Maran: editorial and advert model, and actress and is 5″7′. Started at age 12 and signed with Elite at 17. You can start with commercial agencies and move up too! Appeared in over 25 ads and magazines like Sports Illustrated.

Sundai Love: undoubtedly the shortest model to appear on Tyra Bank’s America’s Next Top Model, made it to top-5 finalists. Stands at 5″3′. Currently studying and writing a book and says she will continue with modeling.

So you see? You don’t absolutely have to be 6 feet tall to become a female model. Petite girls can do just fine in the industry with a little preparation, research and tenacity – Could you be the next Eveline Voznesenskaya?

I don’t know but neither will you until you give it a try.

Work Toward Your Goals Every Day!

It takes work to model and not everyone makes it. But, you can hedge your bets by finding and contacting as many modeling agencies for petite girls as possible.

Keep at it every day until your dream of being known as a professional petite model can come into reality. Good luck!

Isobella Jade – 5’4″ Short Model Video

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See you next time!

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