Self Portrait Arizona Travel Photography + Wedding & Model Behind the Scenes Shoots

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Arizona Photography Trip-Self Portraits + Elopement, Wedding Photography Behind the Scenes and Vlog! In this video I filmed my trip to Arizona taking some self portraits. I was also there to shoot a wedding in the dessert. Plus reached out to a model to do a little behind the scenes, which I'l have that video linked below! Let me know your feedback on these types of videos. Make sure to like and Subscribe!

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21 thoughts on “Self Portrait Arizona Travel Photography + Wedding & Model Behind the Scenes Shoots

  1. I love these !!! You should get in front of the camera
    More !!

  2. Nice! Look pretty hot in photos. Look like you used the sigma 35 in most photos.

  3. Chris Does Life thanks! And yeah so many places to shoot here unlike Missouri!🙈

  4. Anisa Mkwanazi thanks girl!! And I know I use to be good at taking pics of myself on my iPhone! Then I’m like oh il get my camera & take more pics of myself! Nope lol! Too busy taking pics of others now🙈😁

  5. Anisa Mkwanazi lol funny thing this was my least fav outfit but after the edits I favor this one more!

  6. GStreet Thank you! And actually used the 85mm on these! My friend was just able to stand so far back and capture all the views still 😁

  7. love this video(please do more) and of couse the photos turned out beautiful

  8. You are a good photographer
    But from a video standpoint you should have more fun with your video 😁

  9. Could you make a video on how to focus your images (settings)? I use autofocus on my Canon Mark iii and have noticed that my images tend to blur.

  10. ctadman12 I will do that!! I need to make one soon because I have been putting it off for so long! Have you tried the back focus method? That also can help with staying in focus longer when in motion

  11. I have and I’m still having trouble. I think my settings are a bit off. I think i have the wrong focus points or am using the wrong AF mode for portraits.

  12. thanks for this insightful and helpful video!
    an what a beautiful behind the scenes!
    really enjoyed watching all of this 😀
    thanks for sharing this with us

  13. ACID SNOW glad you enjoyed it!! I was worried it was a bit long didn’t want to bore anyone!😂

  14. Amazing, would you be interested in using my music for free? Liked and followed, thank you!

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