4 Quick & Easy Runway Model Posing Tips

Watch the video tutorial, rewind, then watch again – or read below so that you can get further in your career quest to becoming a successful female runway model.

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Four Important Things You Should Know about Modeling on the Runway

Every newcomer to modeling has to learn, I know. But, there are some things you can learn in advance to keep from making the same runway model posing mistakes other girls have gone through.

Remember, it’s almost always better to gain from the errors of other models – you won’t be around long enough to make them all yourself. d:-)

1. Check Your High Heels

Runway Model Posing for WomenBefore you step onto the catwalk, make sure your shoes are secure, buckled.

Take care there are no cracks in your heels to break when you are strutting your stuff.

Simple but important tip.


2. Keep Your Nerve

Many beginner models get nervous when posing on the runway – Just relax, take some deep breaths and you should calm down a bit. Remember, modeling should be a fun career – never forget this point!

3. Don’t Over React

You want to look natural when strutting down the runway. Model posing is not about being a “mannequin” in the window – it’s about attitude that you create, naturally.

4. Develop a Runway Walk that Works for YOU

Many models try to copy and become a model they admire like Tyra Banks or Cindy Crawford. Don’t do it! Be yourself. Runway model posing has a certain style for each woman so find yours, work on it and you are way ahead of those who want to be a “duplicate” supermodel.

See more female model tips, have fun with it but make sure you learn something valuable in the process! See you next time! – Bob Pardue

P.S. Do You Really Want to Learn All About Modeling?

There is so much to learn about runway model posing these four tips are just the beginning. Walking the runway is not the only careers models can choose.

To really become a model and work in the business you’ll need to study (OH NO!) and practice what you learn.

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