Want to Be a Model? Look at These Poses for Runway Models (Video)

If you plan to make a career for yourself in the fashion modeling world then you’ll want to study and practice some runway model poses before making contact with talent agents. This video tutorial will show you some of what you need to know about the catwalk so watch now..

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About the video – this tutorial teaches plenty of techniques if you want to learn how to become a model especially in the area of catwalk posing. You’ll discover tips such as ..

  • Basic runway and more advanced techniques, including learning stances, posing, and turns
  • What walking the runway with confidence is all about
  • How to make a catwalk stroll your own
  • How to use the best timing and rhythm to strut your stuff
  • What to bring with you
  • How you should act when you’re backstage
  • Keeping professional at open call, etc.

This video is for all types of models – no matter where you are in your career. It’s for amateurs to advanced professional models so enjoy and be sure to practice if you want to be successful at runway walking.

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