Runway Body of Adriana Lima

“I Never Had Such an Amazing Result”, Quote from the Runway Body of Adriana Lima

Fact is, Adriana Lima is an amazingly beautiful and well fit female model so this video is worth watching.

You’ll find it entertaining as well as informative. Watch and enjoy!

Adriana Lima runway body

Adriana Lima runway body

Introducing the Video: The Runway Body of Adriana Lima

This is part two from the VS Fashion Show Live Pre Show that premiered on November 29, 2011.

In this excerpt we see VS Angel Adriana Lima and her trainer Michael Olajide Jr. show us how she gets runway ready.

Do You Love Adriana Lima’s Body?

Well, it doesn’t shock me as she was voted as one of Models.Com Sexiest models in existence today!

And, how much do you think trainer Michael Olajide Jr. had to do with toning up that gorgeous female supermodel body of hers? Tons according to Adriana. In fact, she states on the video …

“I never had such an amazing result.”

And then there’s boxing champion Michael, turns Adriana into a fitness model, quoted in the interview as saying;

“I treat her like she’s a boxer fighting for the world’s championship..”

So, now you know one of the top secrets of how this Bahia Brazil beauty stays in shape for VS.

Are you inspired to work on your body now? Did you get a feel for what top female models have to do in order to stay in the spotlight?

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