Wardrobe, A Photographer, and Roxy Limon Model Photo Shoot Tips

Want to see some cool model shoot tips for dummies? No, I’m not calling you one but the beautiful female supermodel Roxy Limon can make us all feel foolish by watching how great she is at posing in her short video.

Watch Roxy work and learn from her actions as she talks about fashion wardrobe and her photographer.

Model Experience says:

“We hit the Fashion District with stylist Roxy Limon. Check us out as we pit-stop some of the hottest showrooms & fabric stores.”

Just want to share this video staring super model Roxy Limon. She talks about what separates a mediocre model photo shoot from a great one.

I really like Roxy’s quick style and to the point view of what you need to do photography sessions right.

One of my favorite quotes from the modeling video? She says you need …

A Good Photographer & Wardrobe …


1. A good photographer – This is a must. You need to get a professional who is experienced in working with either male or female fashion models.

2. Lighting – Of course, choosing the best model photographer should insure that the lighting will be on que.

3. Wardrobe – Wearing the right clothing during your photo shoot can make a difference between good and great. Do you want to look formal? Sexy? sophisticated and fashionable? Pick an outfit for the occasion.

Hope you enjoyed this video and look forward to seeing you in your next photo shoot – I’ll keep an eye out for your pictures. d:-)

How do you feel about this video? Did it inspire you to get new outfits and a fantastic photographer? How impressed were you with Roxy Limon and her modeling tips? Did you find something you can use the next time you go for your modeling pictures in your favorite location?

Let me know in the comments box below.

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