Interview with Plus Size Model Robyn Lawley

If you want to know more about plus size model Robyn Lawley, this quick modeling video will give you some insight into the world of modeling. She is not a super-slim supermodel. She does, however prove that you don’t always have to be a “string bean” to enjoy a career in this business.

Watch and see for yourself!

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Unfortunately, since I first included this news story, the original interview video has actually been taken down. So, here’s another excerpt for you to enjoy

Sexy and beautiful – and plus size to boot! This wonderful model from the land down under is considered the very first plus size model to hit the big time for Ralph Lauren and this video shows her interview from ABC News .Com.

Enjoy the video and share your views about plus models, the media and the industry as a whole.

Have You Met Model Robyn Lawley?

Here are what a few editors from other blogs and news sources to give you even more information about what this plus model is up to.

Vive La Riviera Aussie beauty Robyn Lawley is a long-time favorite of Cosmopolitan Australia appearing in fashion spreads for the glossy pics.

Robyn Lawley is an extremely beautiful plus-sized model. Remember that a plus model is not necessarily the same thing as a plus-size woman who recently stood up to some horrible goblin denizens of the Internet.

Some Say This Model Is Fat She Gives Such A Perfect Response

Robyn Lawley speaks so much sense about body image that I want to see her face on every fashion magazine in every newsstand ever. Her flawless awesomeness is completely encapsulated at 0 39 when she says what I want you ladies ..

Robyn Lawley Is Nude And Stunning In Size Does Matter Exhibit

Refinery29. Robyn Lawley Is Nude And Stunning In Size Does Matter Exhibit. The high-fashion industry might consider the gorgeous model Robyn Lawley to be plus-size.

We view the 6’2 beauty more as a catalyst of a healthier-looking future for cat walk females.

Robyn Lawley Now Looking Glorious in a Bathing Suit Near You brand-new York Magazine.

Robyn Lawley Now Looking Glorious in a Bathing Suit Near You

The shoot which features Lawley in various stages of wetness showcases her namesake bathing suit line Robyn Lawley Swimwear which she unveiled earlier this year for women sizes 8 to 18. Lawley models everything from a checkered bandeau to a..

So, there you have actually the scoop on Robyn Lawley’s career in plus size modeling and I believe you will agree that she spans the finish scope of the modeling world from fashion to glamour.

A New Day for Female Plus Models

Robyn has actually pretty much broken the mold of all female models looking skinny and under fed, don’t you agree?

I chance you’ll come back soon to see more stories and news from the high fashion plus  modeling world. News like this will you informed about Robyn Lawley and give you ideas for pursuing your own dream. It doesn’t really matter if you are not skin and bones! – Bob Pardue

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