It would have been nice if you were born with real long eyelashes, wouldn’t it? You know, the lashes you see on those beautiful fashion models walking the runway in Paris or Milan?

Well, not all people become female models but it is possible to find ways to enhance your eyes for an awesome look through natural or a variety of other ways. Read this story and get real long eyelashes by taking action from the video.

How to Get Real Long Eyelashes

Long, curled eyelashes make your eyes look bigger. The length and shape is normally genetic, but you can use some natural ways to grow them longer and thicker.

You can also make your eyes look beautiful with many different techniques to create the illusion of longer lashes as you will discover in this beauty tip and, be sure to use common sense.

1. How to Get Longer Lashes

Natural ways:

Real Long EyelashesOne of the natural methods is to apply a thin coat of olive oil or castor oil to your lashes before going to bed at night.

Dip a clean swab in the oil and gently brush your eyelashes with it several times and remove excess oil.

Leave the oil on overnight and wash it away in the morning.

You can also apply petroleum jelly to your eyelashes overnight. Vaseline D helps make your eyelashes grow longer and thicker. It nourishes eyelashes and keeps them shiny and healthy.

There are accelerators that can make lashes grow naturally. They contain proteins, serums, and conditioners that strengthen the weak lashes.

Tip: You must remove your eye makeup before you go to sleep. It is not good to keep it on your eyelashes all the time.

Other Methods for Longer Eyelashes

Eyelash extensions are professionally applied for a beautiful, natural-looking way to enhance your lashes. These are expensive. Lattice is a commonly used FDA approved drug for eyelash growth in the USA.

Using liner to extend at the outer corners of your eyes makes the eyelashes look longer.

Flat eyelashes look short and an eyelash curler can make them look longer if done carefully.

Alternatively, you can tug them at the roots. Applying good quality mascara can also enhance the length of your eyelashes.

2. Getting Thicker Eye lashes:

Natural ways:

You must make an effort to keep your eyelashes moist. One way is to drink lots of water every day. In addition, you should hydrate your lashes by applying a wet cloth to them .

You can use eyelash moisturizing products as well. Natural oils and petroleum jelly also make the eyelashes thick besides making them longer.

Increasing your intake of Vitamin supplements can be very effective. You can also apply oil containing Vitamin E onto your lashes daily with a brush. Lucian can be used like Lattice to grow your long and thick eyelashes.

What about False Eyelashes?

Some ways of lengthening lashes include variations of false eyelashes to using permanent eyelash dye. There are most likely hundreds of others to enhance real long eyelashes.

Apply a darker eyeliner than the color of your eye lashes close to your lash line. This will create an illusion of more hair on your eyelashes making them look thicker.

If you apply mascara, it gives thicker and longer look to the eyelashes. It can also blend the fake eyelashes with the natural lash.

Celebrities Wear Them – Why Can’t I Wear False Eye Lashes?

Many celebrities wear fake eyelashes. Once you learn to apply them, you can make your lashes look vividly longer.

Eyelash Perming is a way of applying glue and curling to the lashes forgetting a defined curl. It can last up to four months.

You can use eyelash extensions also. These semi-permanent eyelashes can last months and provide a natural appearance. You have to visit a beautician for that. You have to decide if real long eyelashes are worth the expense.

There are many types of the basic fake eyelashes. Some of them are made of natural hair. They are applied using different techniques.

Caution: Excessive use of fake eyelashes can lead to a condition called “traction alopecia.”, so you have to be careful.

Can You Think of More Ways to Get Real Long Eyelashes?

Now that you’ve seen some basic natural ways to getting those dreamy, real long eyelashes – get online and do more research. Talk to a makeup artist and start down the road to looking more beautiful. I hope you enjoyed these beauty tips for your eyes.

Take care of your eyes and use common sense when you use these methods for real long eyelashes. Remember, eyes are not just for beauty, they are for seeing too! – Bob

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