Are you new to modeling and wondering how those cover girls get the awesome pictures? These tips for modeling poses will help you understand how it’s done so you can get that awesome look too!

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Getting Modeling Poses That Work

How to stand, how to turn your head, what do I do with my hands – all a part of technique when it comes to successful female modeling poses.

Before you step in front of the camera for your first or 100th model photo shoot, know the answers to these questions. This video shows step by step instructions for posing the female form.

Talk to Your Photographer

When you finally learn how to become a model and step into the studio (or maybe on location for a shoot) tell your photographer about some of the pose ideas you have that will show your body and face in the best light.

If you have practiced, he or she should welcome your suggestions. But, be gentle. Suggest, don’t order! Watch Josie Maran (above) as she shows you how to pose.

Props for Modeling Poses

A great way to elongate your neck and have the freedom to turn in various pose positions is by asking for a stool – not the high wooden type but something lower and comfortable. This way you can do female model sitting positions in side view, straight on leaning forward or back. Lots of choices here!

Head Positions

As the stool helps you to center your body, try different head positions in posing. Your head can be turned from side to side, tilted to the side (just a bit) held down or back (not too far).

Modeling Poses for the Body

One pose idea is to sit with your body twisted a little away from the camera looking back over your shoulder, with head into the forward shoulder, straight up to show a longer neck form, etc.

These poses are fun and playful or, they can be sultry and sexy – you choose according to the shot you want to see in your final photo.

Model Poses – Mind Technique

Use your mind as well as your body when posing for the camera. If you really want to become a model you’ll need to master this part.

Your eyes should tell a story when you pose. So, practice closing your eyes, take a deep breath, imagine something having to do with the look you want, open your eyes and sell the look!

It’s really that simple but takes some work to perfect. But, once you do, you might find that model jobs are coming your way where you can learn and show off even more modeling poses! Now, develop your talent and get to the mirror. See you at the top! – Bob Pardue

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