5 Questions New Female Models Ask

In my many years spent as a professional modeling portfolio photographer, I discovered that many new female models just did not have a clue as to where and how to get started in the business.

So, I put together these five questions models ask to help you understand how to be a model the right way. I hope these modeling FAQ & answers will help you achieve your dream.

modeling FAQ

modeling FAQ

Modeling Q&A – Learn About Beginning Your Female Modeling Career

The main reason I took it upon myself to create a book for beginners is so that those interested could have some modeling questions answered.

And, to get some real advice they could use instead of just hype so many promotional sites offer.

These questions models ask & tips are truly for new faces who are beginning. So, save this page and come back to it for review. Here Goes!

Modeling Question Number One: Your Physical and Mental Health

How healthy do you need to be? Let me tell you, this is important! The modeling agencies look for girls who have healthy bodies.

They want white and straight teeth. And, these agents look for tall girls in many cases. Finally, models with healthy hair and great looking skin move ahead of the rest.

The good part is, you can fix many of these things. Well, except height which I will explain in other lessons.

Modeling Question Number Two: Should I Quit My Day Job?

NO! At least not in the beginning stages.

First, try modeling maybe part time as a beginner to see if you really like it. Then, find where it leads you in way of a real modeling career.

Keep studying other fields to rely on if your female model dream does not quite happen the way you expected.

Modeling Question Number Three: My Parents are Stick in the Mud! Should I listen to Them?

questions models ask

questions models ask

YES! Especially if you are a teen model get advice and help from your parents. Without their support, it will be very difficult to get started.

And, modeling could be risky as there are many people waiting to take advantage of female models who are beginners.

You’ve read about the industry.

But, listen. You are not savvy to the ways of the entertainment world.

Which leads us to the modeling Q&A #4…

Modeling Question Number Four: How Do I Select a Good Modeling Agency?

There is no simple answer except to compare agencies.

Also, talk to professional models who already have contracts with agents. Even then, check with the BBB, etc.

Make sure the company is not a scam. Some modeling agencies are there for the sole purpose of taking your money.

What about the top list model agents?

If you have the height and other requirements to apply to top model agents in New York like IMG Management, Ford or Elite, then you are pretty much okay.

For females looking at smaller local modeling agencies check references and proceed more slowly.

Go back to question number 3. Then, get your parent to help in your selection.

Modeling Question Number Five: I am Not a Professional Model – Should I Act Like One?

YES! Always present yourself in a professional manner. This is a mistake many beginners make when first starting out in modeling.

These girls send a quick email along with a terrible looking and out of focus snapshot. Then, they ask the agency if they have a chance to be a model. The answer is usually no.

What Do Professional Models Do?

A professional model will check out the management company’s information online. Or, they call to find out who the contact person is, the type models they represent, etc.

Then, they get in touch with the agent in the way stated on the agency’s website. Professionals find out what the agencies want and then convince them they have what it takes.

These models present great pictures in a professional looking portfolio. They are prepared mentally and physically for the interview.

Now, their chance of becoming a model just increased drastically!

Are These All the Questions Models Ask?

No, this is not everything. These questions models ask are just enough for new female models to get hungry for more information. The good news is, they can find it in my emailed modeling tips (which you may be already receiving). Why not give it a whirl?

Did These 5 Answer All Your Modeling Questions? Take the Next Step and Learn More About Your Career…

model q&a

Now, you know the questions model ask so do something! See you next time! – Bob Pardue

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