Q&A: Beginners Questions about Modeling Answered

I know if you are a beginner model, or maybe you’ve been around a while, you still have questions you’d liked answered about getting started in the modeling network, right? Well, this modeling video helps you understand more about how model management works and how to start modeling.

Listen closely how she began a career and see if you can use the information to your advantage to find your agent, get jobs when you learn how to become a working model like many of the other girls you’ve seen doing it.

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You Got Questions? We Got Answers! What Do Models Ask?

As a model portfolio photographer, I keep getting questions from beginners along with some experienced ones about what to wear to interviews, makeup, photo shoots, posing and just about everything in between.

Now, I don’t claim to have all the answers but I have encountered a few of these inquiries and have researched what I didn’t know.

So, this list of Q&A will become longer as time goes by so look for your answer soon. Also, comments are always welcome to give a forum type atmosphere.

Modeling Questions and Answers

Modeling Questions and AnswersQ. How tall are female fashion models?

How tall do I have to be to become a model? I am 5 feet 10 inches and have a thin frame. Are there any guidelines agencies follow?

A. Normally for high fashion and runway a girl needs to be 5’8″ or taller. There are exceptions to every rule and some petite models make it into modeling on the catwalk too! d:-)

Q. How Much Do Models Weigh?

What is the average weight of modeling?

A. Most agree that the average weight for fashion models is about 105-125 (depending upon height and other factors).

Q. What’s the best way to get started in modeling?

My name is Alexis. I am interested in modeling but I have no idea where to began. It you don’t mind can we have a meeting or something.

A. Hi Alexis. Thank you for your question. I wish I could personally meet with all my subscribers but there are just too many. As for getting started, a good plan is to put together some photos. These should include ..

  • 2 headshots – 1 straight on & 1 profile – no makeup
  • 2 full length – 1 straight on & 1 profile in swimwear

and start contacting some agencies in your area. This should be a good beginning. Hope things work out for you!

P.S. The modeling photos don’t have to be professional but make sure they are clear with good lighting.

Q. Beginning a Career Pt. 2

Hello,Bob. I want to ask you.What does a girl need to get started as a talent in the industry? I look like nice. I think,that is enough. Do you have another opinion about it?

A. One thing to remember is that, all the young ladies who are applying are beautiful but the agencies are only going to pick a few as they can’t work with everyone.

They look for unique looks, a great attitude, intelligence and the willingness to learn.

Q. Where can I find modeling agencies?

I want to know where I can go for open calls and get jobs. Can you help?

A. Many agents have websites nowadays and I also have a quick list by state you can check at .. www.bobpardue.com/model-agency-list Ask lots of questions and get references if possible.

BTW – Another great resource is to simply ask other models who are working in the business.

Q. How about Model Agents for Older Women?

Is there any modeling agency that take on women 40 years old and older? If so, can you let me know where to find these agents?

A. This is a tough one for me. I am not an expert on modeling agencies for females so maybe you can help answer this question from one of my newsletter subscribers.

These types of companies are a little tougher to find. I don’t have personal knowledge of each particular agency but there are women working in the commercial and catalog fields.

Make as many contacts as possible and ask lots of questions regarding age limits.

Wish I could help more.

Q. Do I have the right look for modeling?

Would an agency consider me to be the type they are looking for or do I need to just give it up?

A. You have a very nice look ( I viewed this person’s picture) but that’s near impossible to say. Agencies want certain “looks” and, even if you are not chosen by one, someone else might use you.

Q. Do I Contact a Model Agent – Or Wait for Them?

Okay, so I located a good modeling agency I want to go and maybe meet a representative from. However, is it better to just send away my portfolio of pictures and wait for them to find me? Or, Should I go after them?

A. One important thing to remember is to contact agencies on their own terms. I’d check the website and see exactly HOW they want to be contacted. Some have open call days, some want photos emailed in, some want models to call for interviews, etc.

If you follow the directions of the agency it might increase your chances for getting listed.

Q. How Long Does It Normally Take a Legit Modelling Agency to Get Back to You?

long does it normally take a legit modelling agency to get back to you?

I have a question for you about successful open calls. I’m from Canada.  I recently went to an open call at a legitimate agency in last week on Thursday. They took my photos, measurements, and they took a long look at my portfolio.

The owner of the agency said I have a nice look and they had me fill out a form with my phone number and email address and they said that they would be in touch. It’s been 4 business days later and I haven’t heard from them just yet.

Should I wait for them to contact me or should I take the initiative to call them myself? If they weren’t interested I’m guessing they wouldn’t have told me they would keep in touch right?

It seemed like they were interested in me or else they wouldn’t have had me fill out a form with my contact info. – Mia

A. This is a tough question to answer direct. Each agency is different and some are really blunt when dealing with models. But, as with any business you’re dealing with people.

It really depends upon the agency, the people making the choices, and the number of models they talked to during the open call.

The time periods I’ve heard most is about one to two weeks so you might want to give it a little longer before contacting back. I wish I had a better answer. Good luck to you and I hope you get the job.

Q. What if I am a Curvy Girl? What Type Modeling?

My only problem is that I am the type of girl with curves. And in that case I  do not know what kind of modelling I could do.
I also need to know the face criteria to become a model to make sure my face covers all the requirements. Thank you
A. With more of a curvy body you might look into commercial or maybe swimwear/catalog modeling.As for the face, let the agency decide if you have a face they can use. This brings us to other types like beauty, hair (if you have exceptional hair), etc.

Look at other models in these areas and see if you find a place you fit in.

Then, contact some local agencies (have your mom or dad do it if you are under 18).

Q. How Do I Act at the Model Agency Interview?

Hey Bob! How are you? I have to go for a modeling interview. What can I expect? Please help! It will be my first time and I don’t want to blow my chance for a career.

A. It’s not that difficult. Just be yourself and act professional – answer direct questions with direct answers and above all, dazzle them with your amazing outgoing personality.

Hope you luck!

Q. Why is it so hard to become a model? And why is it hard to get an agent?

A. These are open ended questions. Not to sound sarcastic but it’s also difficult to become an accountant (4 years of college plus experience). It’s tough to find an agent because the field is competitive and there are only so many spots open.

But, most models go through the effort because they really love what they do. Not that many become top models but there are people working in all areas of the profession because that’s what they choose to do.

If this is really your dream, turn it into a goal and go after it with everything you have. If you don’t make it, you can certainly say that you gave it a real effort.

Q. What about walking the catwalk for males?

I want to know how a male model walk is supposed to look.

A. There are lots of variations but one thing to do is to check out some YouTube videos for male runway walking to give you an idea. There are lots of others on YouTube also, Watch, imitate at first, and then practice to develop your own style.

As for photo shoots, I’m not able to take in new clients at this time. Hope this works out for you.

Q. About Requirements

Bob I just went to an audition and they said my waist was too big!!! What do I do?

A. This might be a question of how much too big? If they just need for you to shed an inch or two, then you might want to work out a plan for losing some of that waistline. If it’s four or five inches then you might be falling under the plus size category.

Many times agents will ask for certain things as they are under the direction of their clients so the big solution is not to take it personally.

Try to work on things that could get you hired later (or with a different rep) and you’ll be way ahead in this industry.

Q. High fashion female?

Actually I’d like to be a high fashion model .I’m a first year student but doing BA of Psychology. Do you think it would be possible for me to work in this field? I’m so worried….

A. Thank you for writing. PS. I was a psychology major too – at USC! As for fashion modeling, or any other type, the best way to find out is to look at your physical qualities and looks, then make contacts.

All they can do is say no, right? Here is a page listing some of the requirements .. http://www.bobpardue.com/model/school/model-types-high-fashion.htm

Q. Upfront fees for Modeling Agencies?

I have a question for you. I read on the Internet that a modeling agency doesn’t suppose to ask for any money, is this true?

I got accepted by a modeling agency and didn’t ask for any money, I guess this is good news, that the agency is legitimate. I have been with the agency for a month, is it normal for them to take a while to get you some work?

A. Yes, it’s true that most agents shouldn’t ask for money. Some do expect you to pay for a portfolio but that should be all.

As for getting work, I’m not sure I have an answer. They work with clients and those clients are who ultimately supplying the work so they could just be in a dry spell. If you don’t get jobs soon, you might contact them and ask your question.

Q. My Agency Open Call

Hey there I went to the modeling opening and they didn’t take me because the lady there said I don’t have much to offer and my age group is very competitive.

At least if I was a top dancer they would have considered me. I think they just wanted an excuse to talk about my weak points. I was wondering if you could help.

A. Yes, agents have an idea of what they need in female at certain times and yes, this is a competitive career.

The best suggestion I can think of is to go over those weak points, correct what you can, build on your strengths and, if you are serious, try other agencies.

None of this guarantees success but we can’t all be rocket scientists either. I know this is probably not what you want to hear but Elvis, Tyra, and the Beatles were all turned down too. Hope this works out for you.

Q. Losing Weight?

My talent agent tells me I need to shed a few pounds. What’s the best way to get in shape for my modeling career?

A. This can be a constant struggle for some girls but it’s best to use common sense. When models try to lose weight they often find that diet is not always the most effective way.

And, it doesn’t always keep the pounds away after the dieting program is finished. Many professionals in the field now recommend more of a combination of watching what you eat, along with a consistent exercise program to burn away those excess calories.

Studies show that losing about a pound per week is the best rate of weight loss.

Do about 45 minutes of weights and walking combined 3 times a week and you should see some results. Ask your doctor before beginning to determine the best schedule for you.

You may not become a fitness model but this should put you in pretty good shape!

Q. Getting free modeling photos?

Do you know if there are photographers willing to take good modeling pictures for free?

A. Sometimes photographers do test shoots with models or operate on a tfcd (time for cd) basis. You might try doing a search for model photographer tfp + your state to find opportunities.

Be sure and check the photographer out and take someone with you to meetings or sessions.

There is a book out that I highly recommend by a professional model and it shows in-depth lessons in getting started in modeling.

You can see all the information about this course right here and maybe it’ll give you some real world examples of what to do.

Don’t stop here. Put what you see into practice to make your mark! Be good and see you next time!

Got Modeling Answers? I’d Love to Hear Them!

If you can add helpful answers to any of these questions, please leave your comments below. I’m sure new models coming in would love to hear what you have to say. Oh, be sure and pick up my modeling book before you go. Thanks for reading.

Bob Pardue



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