Learn Some Quick Tips for How to Get Started in Promotional Modeling

promotional modelingFor a new model, this is a horse of a different color. Right now the field of promotional modeling is wide open for the right people. Why not you?

If you are a brand new model it can be confusing as to the type modeling career you want to pursue, am I right?

There are many brands of models in the field, some really competitive like runway and high fashion (Tyra and Cindy). One type that doesn’t get as much exposure is promotional modeling.

These video tips will give you some inside information on how to get started in this lessor-known, and lucrative part of the talent industry, find a model agency and much more. Watch the video and read the lesson below.

What is Promotional Modeling?

In a nutshell, promo models are those girls and guys you’ll find in the malls, in clubs, at trade shows, etc.

Most times these people are handing out brochures, applications and other industry related material for companies.

The businesses need a “pretty face” to lure customers into a false sense of realm and a general good feeling about that company or service. You can be that person!

Why Would You Consider Becoming a Promo Model?

Okay, I know you want to be a top fashion model or maybe walk the runway just as your idol, Cindy Crawford did. But, it’s not always that easy.

These girls are very fortunate to be up there and it could have been any one of a hundred others who applied for the job. But, promotional modeling is a bit different.

Becoming a promotional model is not as competitive and young women with outgoing personalities and good looks have a chance to work. They can earn pretty good money in the meantime.

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How Much do Event Models Make?

Rates vary but, a good promotional model who is good at what she does can earn anywhere between $20 to $30 per hour with some jobs paying more – some less.

But, if you are a new face just getting started, these type jobs will bring out your personality, get you used to being around different people. This can put some money in your pocketbook while you are waiting for that “big break”. What could be better than that?

Other Benefits of Promotional Modeling

In these tips I would also like to share some other, very important reasons to get into promotional modeling.

Besides getting over shyness, you can network with other models you’ll meet, find clients and maybe even find a great agent to “discover” you. Don’t discard the other perks of this industry.

Getting Jobs as a Promotional Model

You can freelance (get employment yourself) but, one of the best ways is to contact one of the many promotional modeling agencies to represent you to get work.

The good modeling agencies are already set up with clients interested in promo or trade show models so jobs can come more frequently.

Also, a promo model agent will handle the negotiations, get your pay, etc. so you don’t have to worry about that aspect of working as a model.

Hope these tips help you and, if you decide to try your hand at promotional modeling I wish you lots of success. Now, go and get started!

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