Promotional Modeling for Beginners: Are There Jobs for New Promotional Models?

Easy Money for Beginners – Promo Modeling Jobs

If you have a talent in modeling and a flair for acting, you may be perfect for promotional modeling for beginners in the field of advertising or marketing, according to search advertising specialist, marketing is a big business where this type of career can thrive.

The industry has more people in this type of position than any other.

If you have ever been to a trade show and saw the pretty girls or handsome guys who were standing next to booths inviting you to check out the latest widget, you have seen promotional models.

Promotional Modeling for Beginners

Promotional Modeling for Beginners

What do These Models Look Like?

The most obvious promotional models are those who cruise through bars with drink samples or cigarette packs to entice you to switch to the brand they are promoting.

This type of modeling can be very lucrative for those who are breaking into the industry.

Promotional Modeling Agencies

Agents who are hiring promotional models are essentially looking for two things in models: good looks and outgoing personality.

Those who have these two basic features are almost a shoe in for the jobs.

Your job is to promote a product and that means you have to interact with the public often in a one to one or one to many situation.

You will usually not be demonstrating products, but instead will be the pretty face and friendly voice that calls that curious wanderer over to take a look.

Go It Alone (Freelance) or Hire a Promotions Agency?

For those who are interested in promotional modeling jobs, there is a strong urge to work freelance.

They often ask why they should have to give a model agency part of their money just to go around to clubs and promote a new type of drink.

Getting Paid – Don’t Become a Collection Agency

The reason you want to stick with your agent or promotional modeling agency is that they will invoice the customer prior to your work.

If you work freelance, they may not want to pay until they know you are on the job.

You will find that collecting the money is not as easy as you think.

Having an agent with an established relationship with the client can save you many headaches.

Promotional Modeling Pay – How Much does a Promo Model Make?

Many are familiar with the girls who roll through the clubs promoting products, but may not have thought that the job paid much.

Typical trade show or promotional models can make over $200 per day when working, dependent upon the service or product offered.

A Final Thought for Beginner Promotional Models

The simple requirements for the females and males who are willing to work at how to become a model make it an easy way to make great money in an industry that is not always easy to break into.

And, even if promotional modeling for beginners is not something you want to consider for your career, it can tide you over while you are waiting for the “bigger” jobs.

At least check out some casting calls and see if you like this work. – Bob

Promotional Modeling for Beginners

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