Are you really serious about starting your career in modeling? If so, this book is now out from Roger Talley  to help get you going.

It’s called The Professional’s Guide to Modeling and the book is selling like hotcakes! This is a professional approach to help you become a model quicker. You can get all the info by clicking the picture below ..

The Professional's Guide to Modeling
List Price: $24.95
Price: $24.95
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The Professional’s Guide to Modeling book was written by an agent and photographer with decades of experience.

It describes modeling types you didn’t even know existed, what they require, and how to get into them.

What are Others Saying about The Professional’s Guide to Modeling? Read the Reviews

I checked out reviews of Professional’s Guide to Modeling and was blown away by the positive comments. The book boasts 4.8 out of 5 stars so you can bet it’s a good read & model’s guide.

Shiv from India gave it five stars. This model says:

I have that book! I ordered it recently from and although it took about 8 weeks to ship, it finally did arrive here and its excellent. The Professional’s Guide to Modeling book covers a lot of topics for models very well. I’m a very thankful reader.

Mr. Roger Talley, thank you and greetings from a very happy reader all the way from India. This wonderful book  helped me out during a very dark time in my life when i had lost all hope and got me slightly on track.

I keep it with me at all times next to my modeling portfolio book. If I ever do make it to the USA in this lifetime, I will make sure I come to Las Vegas and thank you for it in person.”

Laserbean, a photographer writes:

Roger Talley is a Friend and I am proud to display this book at my events. Can’t wait for the next one!”

Why Wait? The Professional’s Guide to Modeling is Waiting for You to Take Action!

If you truly want to learn how to model you need to learn the business first. This book for models has answers.

The Professional’s Guide to Modeling covers mainstream fashion and commercial modeling. It also touches on alternative modeling types and the burgeoning new field of Internet modeling discussed in detail. Amazon has a few copies left. Get your copy here ..

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