professional modeling pictures

The Open Call – Do I Need Professional Modeling Pictures to Show?

When going to open calls & modeling interviews, do I need professional modeling pictures? These model agency tips will help you decide.

Hope your modeling career is starting to buzz. Have you been to any modeling agencies for go sees yet?

If not, take a moment to watch this video before you go into a stressed out frantic panic about the modeling pictures you’ll need to take. I believe you’ll be pleasantly surprised..

professional modeling pictures

A Question of Photos Needed for the Open Call Model Interview – Watch Before You Spend!

If you are just starting out as a model and funds are a bit scarce, a quick answer is NO! You do not have to take photos made by a professional photographer to the open call or interview.

Do not go out and pay $400 to $600 for a modeling portfolio yet (unless you plan to be a freelance model which has a completely different set of rules).

Your Friend: The Model Photographer

Do I Need Professional Modeling Pictures For Open Call?A decent digital camera in the hands of a friend with a bit of photography skills is all you need.

With that said, make sure to have closeup pictures which shows basically your head and shoulders.

Also include a good, clear full body shot to show off your figure.

Double check your hair.

It should not be in your face. Finally, use good lighting so your face shows really well.

Wardrobe for Your Model Photo Shoot

Wear something really simple like jeans and a T-shirt (plain color is best). Add high heels to give a good effect to your legs. Again, keep what you wear very basic.

Posing for Modeling Photos

When posing for your modeling photos, here are some quick tips to make your pictures stand out.

  • Do some pics of you smiling, some not
  • Do some shots standing straight and looking at the camera.
  • Do some profile images – In these, keep your hair off your face

Model Picture Touch Up?

Do not use Photoshop or other excessive photo editing on these pictures.

Keep them natural.

Other Modeling Photo Tips

Okay, I’ll let the Ford model on this video talk you through some other advice. She’ll give tips for successful modeling photos to take to your open call.

And, the model gives you a better chance of impressing the model agencies therefore increasing your chance of getting listed.

After all, this is the reason you are going, isn’t it?

Stay tuned for more model beginner tips to dive in to your career in the modeling industry. And, be sure to be yourself at the open call so the talent agent will get to know the real you. ~ Bob Pardue


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