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Pricing Beauty Reviews – What Others are Saying about This Modeling Book

There are lots of ways to become a fashion model and many girls hit roadblocks before they reach any type of success.

Why is this true?

One reason is that they dive into modeling before learning anything about the industry and while some do make it work that way, most don’t.

That’s why I put up this Pricing Beauty – Making of a Fashion Model review to let you see just what’s involved in getting started in the modeling network.

It’s always easier to learn from the mistakes of other models instead of trying to make them all yourself. So, let’s look at the review and then you can decide whether the book by Professor Mears is right for you.

Review By JYK of Washington
This review is from: Pricing Beauty: The Making of a Fashion Model (Paperback)
As an ex-model, Prof. Mears is uniquely equipped to provide an academic insight into the modeling world, and she delivers.
Providing a balanced mix between anecdotal experiences from former and current models, including herself, and factual data,
– she strips away the glamorous veneer to expose the economic realities and challenges facing the young girls who dream of being the next supermodel.
[Pricing Beauty] Should be a required reading for anyone thinking of becoming a model and his/her parents.

Review By Carraway9
This review is from: Pricing Beauty: The Making of a Fashion Model (Kindle Edition)
I am a model in NYC and this book was really helpful–I wish I read it before I started!
I liked the details of the but there could be more developed analysis of the actual model’s finances–which would shock and horrify the public.
I understand the classic feminist negativity but it’s a very tired stance–is being offered upward mobility when you are from a tiny, tiny rural area really so bad, as long as you take pains to educate yourself to the nines and absorb all of there is to learn from the incredible cities you travel to?
Ready to Model?
I hope this review of Pricing Beauty will help you get the real story and learn how to be a model following the right method and having an attitude to go with your education.
The next thing to do is take action. Nothing happens until you make an effort so plan out your career and then go to work.
Even if you don’t become the next top model, at least you can say you gave it your all. The Pricing Beauty – Making of a Fashion Model review is just the beginning but you have to start somewhere. – Bob Pardue

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