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Are you ready to take on the fashion or commercial model world soon? If you are a beginner model, or just want some tips, then be sure to watch the video. It’s about modeling fashion vs commercial and, I believe you’ll take some advice away from it.

By the way, I transcribed the video for you below if you’d rather read the vlog.

fashion vs commercial modeling

Discover These Unique Premiere Talent Tips – Fashion vs Commercial Modeling 2

Fashion and commercial models start out the same way in the beginning. They submit themselves to modeling agencies for consideration.

Then, if they’re accepted as clients, they must get photos and training before they can start booking jobs.

Sounds like a lot of work behind all that glamour. Let’s see if you’re up to it.

Call Modelling Agencies

The first step is to call local talent agencies. Ask when would be a good time to stop by to be considered for representation.

Those interested in modeling will show up and wait with a lot of other hopefuls.

When it’s your turn, the agent will take you into his office and have a chat. Fashion agents are very good at their jobs. And, they can tell pretty quickly whether someone could be a model.

Often the agent will take a picture of you to see how you photograph. Most Agents will want to know if you are photogenic or not.

Are you photogenic? Photogenic means do you look good on camera? Try this exercise and find out.

Get Pictures of Yourself

Have a friend take pictures of you in natural light with no makeup on. When you get the photos, see how you look.

If you look good all by yourself, you may have a chance at being a model.

You might say, I can’t shoot my own photos. I don’t have special lights for makeup. That’s okay.

These pictures are just for yourself and besides, if you can look good without professional makeup or photography, you’ll only get better with most things are added.

What about Model Scouts?

Agencies aren’t the only way to get discovered. Sometimes very attractive. People are approached in the street by model scouts.

Model scouts are people who work for agents to get them new clients. If a malls got approaches you, he or she will probably ask you some questions.

You’ll talk for a few minutes and if this got once the recommend you, he or she will give you their card and ask for you to call them before you call anyone do your homework.

That means find out the name of the company the Scout Works for and do your research on the Internet. Make sure they’re not targeting you for scam.

If you decide to go in for a modeling interview, always take an adult with you just to be safe.

If you’re accepted by a modeling agency in fashion or commercials, congratulations. Now the work begins and is the same for both modeling types.

Get Pics & Zed Cards

The first thing you’ll need to do is get photos and zed cards. Z, e d or Zed cards are like large postcards with several different photos of you on it.

Think of it as a large business card you’d send up for work. Your agent can’t send you out for jobs that pictures if you don’t know where to go get pictures. Your agent will give you a list of photographers to choose from. You’ll have to pay for your own photographs.

Pick Your Photographer & Movement Coach

When it comes time to pick the photographer, find someone whose work you like, look at their portfolios, see if they’ve shot models with your look before.

If so, do you like how they turned out? Your agent will also recommend a movement coach. If you need one for fashion, you’ll need someone who can show you how to walk for the runway properly.

For commercials and improvisation, they can teach you how to relax in front of the camera. You should get good pictures and learn to move well. These are important skills that you must learn.

Those who want to be successful as fashion and commercial models; they start to work, they get their photos and zed cards together.

They take any classes they need to take and then they’re ready to work.

Getting Fashion or Commercial Modeling Jobs

So, what happens next? Your agent will submit you for jobs that need models. If someone is interested in hiring you, they’ll call your agent to find out how much you charge per hour to work in fashion.

Male models can start out making $150 an hour. Female fashion models can make $200 an hour for commercial modeling. The fees range up to $100 an hour.

All fees are dependent upon where you live. And, your agent gets a percentage of that for working for you.

Do you live in an area where you could make money modeling? Beginning models don’t have much say in their fees. But, as you gain more experience, you can earn more money.

Fashion & Commercial Models are Similar

Things got a bit complicated. As we got further into the business of modeling, you can see how fashion and commercial models have similar paths. But, the biggest difference is the training and the money they make.

It’s up to you to decide if it’s all worth it. The next video, we’ll go over what the audition process is and what your work day will be like. See you soon.

I hope you enjoyed today’s video about fashion and commercial modelling startup tips. As mentioned, your success as a model depends on you – and your willingness to learn and work. So, don’t procrastinate on making your modeling dream come true! – Bob


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