6 Reasons to Hire Professional Pregnancy Photographers

Creating Special Pregnancy Photos for a Special Time

Your pregnancy is a special time in your life. No two are alike. For this reason, you should document each one in photos. You’ll have a very short time to make it happen (a few months at most) so don’t put off looking for pregnancy photographers to help you capture these memories of the very beginning of your new baby.

Here are Just a few Reasons to Go With A professional Pregnancy Photographer

Sure, you can get a friend with a decent digital camera to snap these photos – and most likely be disappointed with the results.

For any female photos that have real meaning (whether it’s for a wedding, a modeling photo session or, in this case maternity photos) It is best to use maternity photographers to handle the process and there are many reasons why.

Why Hire a Pregnancy Photographer?

1- A professional photography studio will give you classy images time and again that you will enjoy for years to come. When you go this route, you will have backgrounds and settings to choose from.

2 – Most maternity photography studios should have props that will highlight the beauty of being pregnant presenting you in a beautiful setting to enhance the photographs.

3 – Lighting offered by professional photographers is also best in terms of making you look wonderful. I could write a whole article, maybe even a book on photography lighting – it took me years to perfect, but just take my word as a model photographer, it’s so!

4 – Your maternity poses will look more natural. If you have ever posed for portraits shot by a friend or family member, you know they can look unnatural and awkward.

Your friend might take some great snapshots but cannot imagine what the final print will look like nor can they create photos which can be enlarged further than about an 8×10 size.

Maternity Photography Studios Get the Pictures

This is not the case when you choose to use pregnancy photographers.

These artists work with women who are pregnant almost on a daily basis. They help you to look better without accentuating the extra weight you may have gained in other areas of your body.

They know what makes you appear heavy, what makes you slim, and the lighting  skills mentioned above to bring out the best features in your face and body.

5 – Photo editing is most likely offered by the photographer. Your friend may be able to do some editing, but not to the extent a professional will. As a photographer, studio time is about 25% of my work.

The other 75% is done editing to make my pregnancy portfolios look stunning. Artistic effects may also be offered when a professional is chosen and the variety will be larger than with a friend’s home photo editing software.

6 – Guarantees – Professionals want you to be happy and will redo the shoot if necessary. Your friend may also do the same, but the results are often very similar to the first shoot when a friend does it. Problems are more easily addressed by a professional.

As you can see, hiring professionals who are fantastic at what they do will benefit you in many ways. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to document this special event in your life. You won’t regret doing so. Oh, by the way – Congratulations on your new addition!

Should You Hire a Pregnancy Photographer?

Remember, you usually get what you pay for so why leave these precious pictures to an amateur when you can hire one of the many pregnancy photographers available to give you the intimate and beautiful photographs you desire. Do this one right! See you next time Mom! – Bob Pardue


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