posing for teenage modelsAre you ready to shine in your teen model pictures? Here are some ways to do it. When you look through these tips about posing for teenage models you’ll discover there is more to it than just body position and angles.

You will learn in this video lesson that facial expressions count for much of your final look in your modeling pictures.

Study the photos in the video closely.

You’ll discover how each teen model lets her personality shine through in her poses.

Posing for Teenage Models – Enhance Your Teenage Modeling Pictures with the Right Pose

I can’t express enough that practice is the main key to learning teenage modeling poses for the camera.

So many girls have come into my studio and can get into the posing positions when I direct them but then have no expression on the face to complete the pictures.

Getting Started Posing as a Teen Model – The “Zombie” Look

If you plan to find modeling jobs and you are taking your portfolio to the major or local talent management companies this is absolutely what you don’t want.

Remember the old zombie movies where the creatures have no expression and walk with their arms outstretched in front of them?

Many female teen models have this very look – one look to carry them through the whole photo session.

Don’t let this happen to you! Keep reading and studying tips on modeling poses for teens to get ahead of that crowd.

Secrets to Posing Expressions

The great news is that even those teenagers who are new to posing in teenage modeling can create facial expressions at will – the secret is; practice posing – plus time – plus more practice – plus more time.

Some Modeling Pose Expressions for Teens

Here are just a few model poses to work on – use a mirror or get a friend to take pictures of you while you practice before the “real”¬†photo shoot.

  • happiness
  • sadness
  • depression
  • determination
  • anger
  • joy
  • elation
  • confusion

Work on these and find other poses by looking through the teenage modeling posing tips in the video above and some of the teen magazines too! Get each one right and then move on to the next – It’s fun and effective!

Start a Practice Routine for Teenage Posing

If you are willing to follow this formula included in the teen model posing guide above, you’ll be showing your best side when doing every photo shoot and posing like teenage models listed on the cover of the major magazines.

Remember, you can learn how to become a model and stand out in front of the camera but it will require some work. I hope you success and lots of jobs in your model career.

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