Tim Coburn Video Teaches Posing for Fashion Modeling

One of the most difficult parts of learning how to become a real fashion model is mastering the art of the pose. So, Enjoy the video and learn some quick tips about posing for fashion modeling before you step in front of the lens next time!

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Video Tips for Fashion Modeling and Posing

While it’s true that when you find a good modeling agency they will help you in many areas such as how to pose and what to wear but it’s nice to develop some form of unique poses so that you are comfortable in learning before the agent sends you out on your first assignment, wouldn’t you agree?

That’s the reason I’m presenting this video by Tim Coburn of Explore Models who gives a quick tutorial called “My Model Bag: posing for fashion modeling which I believe will give you some great tips to get started with your techniques.

“.. but it’s more about selling an emotion or an idea than it is selling an actual garment, especially in editorial.”

Commercial and High Fashion Modeling Poses – There IS a Difference

Many new female models (and males too) don’t realize there is a difference between commercial and high fashion modeling poses. The video covers the uniqueness and Tim shows how to do it.

Fashion Modeling Involves Emotion

Female fashion model posing

Striking a pose for fashion means that you can do just about anything in the photo shoot but you really must learn to give emotions and express them for the camera.

I’ve said this many times that in order to get a good picture you ..


1. Close your eyes.
2. Think of a thought
3. Open your eyes and “sell” the thought

This is going to be the basis when posing for fashion modeling so practice in the mirror until you can express these thoughts on demand.

A Model Pose “Secret”

Yes, you can easily get ideas to pose like a professional in almost any situation. It’s called borrowing from the periodicals and perfectly honorable.

Find Model Pose Ideas

If you need a certain pose, let’s say a soft and feminine look, browse through through some of the better fashion magazines and find at least five poses that fit the idea you want to portray.

Then, “borrowing” from these poses, see how you can make them uniquely yours and you’ve got a great look to get that picture. Your photographer will be impressed by your abilities and your portfolio will have a more professional look.

Just Watch and Pose

Is this the only tip? Nope, the video covers lots more detail and so I’d advise watching and putting the tips into use through lots of practice in the mirror – or better still in front of a camera.

You can get a friend to shoot photos with you or maybe even a photography student from the local university to work with you while you learn.

I hope these video tips will give you some beautiful ways of posing for fashion modeling pictures and will be a starting point to creating a striking pose any time you want. Wouldn’t that be refreshing and fun?

]Need More Tips?

If you would like more tips about posing or other steps to modeling success be sure and visit this page to learn more about modeling and getting noticed in the industry.

See you next time!
Bob Pardue


Original video here.

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