plus size modeling

plus size modeling

You’ve seen the super thin models on TV. Or, you may have attended a fashion show before. But, have you seen many plus size modeling shows lately?

Yes, there are some and a few media stations have done specials on the genre but this is still not quite the norm.

So, this post covers the other way of modeling – plus size.

I hope it gives you some inspiration if you are not quite in the Miranda Kerr or Lara Stone categories of high fashion.

Is Plus Size Modeling Taking Over the Industry? Read the Story from a Female Plus Model

If you are not the traditional “thin” girl or guy, don’t give up hope on modeling yet.

Fact is, plus size models like you walk the runway, modeling clothes, etc. So, read this plus modeling story to feel better about your possible career.

“Just like many others before me, I struggled with my weight for most of my life.

Since I was a young child, I carried several extra pounds. Yes, there were brief times in my life when I was close to the ideal weight for my height. But, I always seem to put the weight back on, with a few additional pounds.

Even though I am overweight, I exercise often and stay active. But, the most difficult part of my weight issue through the years has been finding nice clothes that fit – and are in style.”

Plus Size Modeling – Then and Now

Our way of living and especially our view of what is beautiful is so diverse nowadays. In the past, modeling plus size fashion was not considered by magazines and it was not campaigned.

However, if we will review the Greek and Roman times as well as other cultures, plus size women are considered beautiful due to the curvy features. And, they emit an inner glow.

Three Modeling Books to Consider..


Your Pm

If you dream of becoming a plus size model, then you can choose a variety of avenues. You can showcase your talents and make a statement in the network.

Plus size modeling challenges the usual norms of the Western society about what beauty means.

However, by becoming a plus model, you join a part of that statement to modification, and shift the consciousness of the world.

What Plus Size Models Need to Do..

Just like traditional modeling, some rules and regulations apply when it comes to plus size models.

You need to do some research about the types of market areas available. Find the magazines who appreciate fuller figure women.

And, look for those who include different representations of women and their body types.

Additionally, practice walking in heels because as a model you need to basically understand the demands of the ramp.


  • shapes
  • ensembles
  • and colors that work for your figure.

Size matters!

It certainly does. Read this excerpt from a blog I read recently:

Calvin Klein is facing online backlash over a new lingerie ad campaign featuring a plus-size model who is only a size 10 though New York Magazine reports that she’s closer to a size 8 . Generally plus sizes start at size 12.”

Are there any plus size modeling jobs available?

plus size modeling

plus size modeling

Yes. This part of the industry now hires models who are plus size females.

And, many receive recognition in the major Fashion Week shows.

Some become recognized all over the world in different venues.

Brand-new clothing brands are catering to the plus size woman and you can model their outfits.

Help present brand new ways in which women can be proud of who they are.

These women no longer depend upon their body measurements.

How to Get Started as a Plus Size Model

First, create your modeling portfolio. Here’s how..

  • Take pictures of different modeling poses.
  • Practice for the different types of photoshoots
  • Understand the lighting and where your face and body will look its best.

Along the way, create different looks for the camera and to focus on areas of the body that you can model best.

In your book, include a full length body shot as well. Also, get a good clear head shot.

Hire a professional photographer

Get a good model portfolio photographer. Professionals can produce good quality work. He or she should know what you’ll need. And, pros visualize how your look works in photographs.

Plus Size Modeling Agencies

Remember, once they hire you, plus size modeling agencies expect a certain weight requirement from you. If you decide to lose weight, inform them regarding this decision. Why? Because, plus size modeling agencies set up standards for what is acceptable.

Who Says Fashion Models Can’t Be Plus Size Anyhow?

In recent years, the fashion model network made some progress in improving the quality of plus size clothes. Recently, more catalogs and clothing advertisements use plus size models in displaying the clothing.

This helps customers understand how the clothing items look on someone with a bigger frame.

It bothers me when thin models are chosen to display the larger size clothing. As a matter of fact, the clothing looks sloppy and unattractive.

Watching the plus size models posing with confidence and poise helps those of us who are heavy to feel more acceptable.

Why Has The Fashion Industry Neglected Plus Size Modeling?

With the high number of overweight people, it seems the fashion industry would create more affordable clothing for us.

Okay, many discount stores have larger sizes. But, the material used is usually a synthetic blend. And, the styles do not match those available in the smaller sizes.

Loud Plus Size Clothes – Yuk!

For some reason, large print and loud colors are featured in plus size clothing. The fabric and colors do not flatter anyone, no matter what their size.

I was impressed when two large-size clothing stores were represented in the mall fashion show.

The plus size female models who wore the outfits looked very nice. And, they were featured as often as the skinny models. Their hair and makeup were done well, and the outfits were very trendy.

I believe younger overweight girls need to see these larger sized models. Having been there myself, I know it is difficult to feel good about yourself, and your size, when so much of our society puts such an emphasis on being thin.

And, seeing the plus size models on the runway helps these girls accept that not everyone is designed to be tall and skinny.

Also, it helps them realize that they can do and be anything they want in their lives.

Weight no longer becomes linked to accomplishment.

Shouldn’t Big Girls Enjoy Fashion Clothes Too?

Plus size fashion still has a ways to go regarding variety and style. But, it seems that each year more items pop up to choose from. The fashion industry now caters more to those of us who have curves – and a little extra flesh.

So, if you are aspiring to become a plus size model, opportunities do exist. You just need to dig a little deeper to find them.

The final thought is: Don’t give up on your dream of working in the modeling industry.

Pray the fashion people will see the advantage of hiring plus size models to wear their designs. Also, if they design some plus size clothes worth modeling, you’re in business!

Can You Work in Plus Size Modeling?

Yes, if you are willing to put in the time and effort to practice your poses, walk, etc. then you have a chance.

Launching a career in plus size modeling is no different than any other. It takes talent, imagination and a good work ethic to succeed.

Always be confident. Be proud of your body and use art to express and interpret the glamorous side that is in you.

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