pictures for teenage model portfoliosIf you are a teen model or you know someone getting started in this career, you’ll want to read this. You’re probably wondering lots of things like how many pictures for teenage model portfolios to name just one.

Seeing teenagers in modeling is not a new concept but the art of developing a portfolio of pictures might be. Hopefully, these modeling tips will help you get started.


To Get Ahead, You’ll Need Awesome Pictures for Teenage Model Portfolios

Although it’s geared toward girls, I’m sure boys will get some insight too. So, you feel you have what it takes to walk the runway or appear in the top list of fashion magazines.

Well, if you are a teen ready to take the plunge, one of the first steps is putting together your teenage model portfolio of pictures.

Before You Hire a Photographer for Teenage Model Portfolios

Practice first – Before you step in front of the camera. Hiring good, photographers for female modeling portfolios is a giant plus and most will give you some excellent tips on modeling poses but being prepared will be a giant step toward making your teen photo session a success.

Pose in front of the mirror. Use a teenage appropriate fashion magazine as a guide. Look at the way the model is carrying herself, watch expressions and body language and do what she does!

There is no shame in copying at first as most famous teen models started this way.

After getting these poses right, slowly begin to change them into something new .. Now the look is yours. Develop more and more, use a friend to take pictures of you with these expressions and positions to get better and improve your style.

This is what it takes – at first it will be awkward but in time your talent in creating killer modeling portfolios will get you the photos you will be proud to show to any talent management companies.

Now You’re Ready to Find a Photographer and Get Your Teen Model Photos

For the sake of time, I’m not going over all the questions to ask a photographer at this time.

Nowadays, many portfolios for teen models are listed online but a book is still used by many teens. In this book, you’ll put between 8 to 25 of your very best pictures and poses. I say this because you don’t want anything mediocre in your folder.

The prints will be 9×12 or maybe 8×10 to save costs. Bigger is better but more expensive. Check with some good modeling agencies to see what they require. You might get by with online pics or comp cards which are now becoming more popular.

Vary Your Model Poses & Looks

Have a variety in your images by using different clothing, props, facial expressions and poses. Let the agent know you are versatile even though you are applying for work in a certain market.

Include headshots, fashion looks, lifestyle to round out your teenage model portfolio. You and your agency will be happy you did!

NOTE: One headshot should be available without makeup (or very little shot outdoors in natural light) and include a full body shot ( wearing a swimsuit or tight-fitting clothing to show off your figure ).

This is especially important if you apply to the top teen modeling agencies such as Elite, Ford or IMG. The ones listed here want to see you in a more natural state so they know what they are getting. Check with the age, height and body type requirements before submitting to better your chances.

How Much do Teen Modeling Portfolios Cost?

It’s not going to be dirt cheap to start your career but, if you are serious you should be willing to sacrifice a little money.

Just cut back on going to the movies for awhile or stop eating daily ice cream (you don’t need it anyhow), save some money and hire a really good professional teenage model portfolio photographer.

The investment, depending upon your area, will usually run between $400. to $1,000. Don’t skimp!

Be prepared to pay around $600 and you should come away with some awesome pictures. Make sure he or she is experienced in creating portfolios, check references if needed or ask to see his or her pictures online.

Get More Tips and Learn to be a Teenage Model

If you need more help in getting started, these modeling tips for teenagers are fantastic! You’ll learn about getting started in modeling, types and requirements, contacting top talent management companies and more.

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This is only the tip of the iceberg but the information here should get you started. Be sure your Mom or Dad is involved in every step of this process. Without their support, it will not work!

And, it’s just plain dangerous out there for teenage models looking for talent scouts, modeling jobs or portfolio sessions. Go to for more details. Be safe and be successful!

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