Man puts woman on pedestal man holds leg of woman Romantically Romanticism Together vertical (Bob Pardue Photo)

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Boy Puts Girl on a Pedestal and Kneels Before Her

Caption: Pretty Caucasian Girl on Pedestal

Description: Stock image of pretty Caucasian girl model wrapped in a sheet standing on a pedestal. She looks bored as man is knelt down playing with her leg. Very sexy picture for lots of concept uses.

Keys: man lays head on leg of woman wearing white sheet standing stand standing on pedestal pedestal head on leg feeling leg hand on leg hand on neck eyes closed back arched sexy sensual look 18 25 Years 20 Something Affectionate Bare Chested Behind Black Hair Brown Hair Caring Hugging Front View Heterosexual Couple woman man nude chest Semi dress Two People Young Couple Young Men Young Women Idea Happy Love Romance Togetherness Color Image 19 20 Years Fondness Embraced Caucasian Caucasian white people lifestyle 20 Year Olds Bare back Embraces Close Up 18 25 Years Bare Chest Embracing 18 25 Hug Close crops 18 25 Years Hugs Close in 18 to 25 Years Care To Hug Leg Close ups Affection Care For Affectionately Nurture Indoors Affections Nurturing Indoor studio Grin Fond Embrace Joy In Love Loved To sensuous Loves Ideas Loving Imagination Lovingly Imagine Pleased To Cherish To Love Romances Cherish Romancing Happiness Cherished Romantic girl, pedestal, boy, woman, man, female, male, sexy, rights managed, high resolution, editorial, download, comp, buy direct from photographer, stock image, pictures of pretty girls, photos of sexy women, lifestyle, fashion model, vertical image.

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