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Photography Basics – 5 Steps to Taking Better Pictures

Now You Can Learn How to Take Better Photos in Just 5 Steps! Discover the Thrill You’ll Get from these Amazing Photography Basics

taking better picturesHave you heard of, “There is more than meets the eye?”

First, it’s no secret we use our eyes to view things in our environment.

However, through time, mankind has devised new ways to preserve the things normally seen and thus treasured.

And, it doesn’t matter whether these are beautiful or not.

How do we capture the ugly and the beautiful?

One way of course is by using cameras.

The images captured by cameras can make our eyes see things that have happened before.

Moreover, these pictures enable our hearts to wish for beautiful things to happen in the future.

These days, the biggest sellers in the camera market are digital SLR cameras (single lens reflex). These modern gadgets can trigger our creativity and seats of emotion.

But, the main reason most people choose digital SLRs is because the camera can be easily manipulated.

However, owning one these cool cameras does not guarantee that every captured image you take is going to be great and perfect.

Understanding Digital Photography: 5 Simple Techniques in Getting a Great Picture

If you want beautiful pictures, visit beautiful places.” ~ Bob Pardue

Check these point by point photography guidelines to maximize the expanse of your camera..

1. Simplify Your Pictures

This is one of the biggest mistakes beginner photographers make. Before raising your camera, look around for any clutter (i.e. trash cans, people’s heads sticking out from bushes, etc.) Zoom in to capture the part of the image you want to emphasize. This way, irrelevant objects or areas can be excluded. Or, use depth of field (sorry for the techno) to soften the background and reduce clutter.

2. Use the Rule of thirds

When capturing a moving object, it is advisable to capture them moving into the imaginary tic-tac-toe frame from one of the two sides. Example: if the object is moving left to right, move the back of the object to the left side of the frame. This creates the illusion of movement.

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3. Shapes and leading lines

Capture a straight line at an angle by moving five to ten feet away to the side to capture at an angle. This helps lead the eye and focuses attention on the main subject. I used this method when capturing the fine art picture of Meteor City above. Where does your eye take you?

4. Vantage point

To add significance or emphasis to an object, take a picture at a lower or higher vantage point. Increasing the height away from the object can reduce its significance.

5. Balance

Pick out the dominant objects and arrange them so that they complement each other. However, unbalanced or asymmetrical objects are often more visually stimulating than balanced objects.

Photography – Only the Beginning!

Granted, these five little steps will teach you how to take better photos.

And personally, I believe just using these will give you better understanding of how photography works.

Bonus Photo Tip — Post Editing of Photographs

Now, if you still want to improve on the images that you have taken, the following list of software programs can help make good pictures great:

• Adobe Photoshop
Affinity Photo
• Corel Paint Shop Pro

beginner photography tutorialAnd yes, there are tons more Image enhancement programs to help you do amazing things with your photos.

But, the ones above I recommend the most; I personally use Affinity Photo instead of Photoshop now.

It gives you basically the same features without the major investment. But, everyone has a preference so I’ll leave that to you.

My final thought?

Once you have understood and mastered the important points about digital photography and capturing better pictures, you’ll quickly realize the keys to getting great photographs are:  1. A good camera 2. a great lens 3. Your imagination and creativity!

The third is the most important. Without practice and imagination, the rest is just camera equipment. – Bob


Want to Learn More Beginner Photography Tips?

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Note: Just to let you know, I may receive a small commission from products I recommend from my photography posts. – Bob

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