Photographers Models

Why is it that tall women are almost always chosen to be photographers models?

Exactly how tall does a woman have to be to model?

There are several answers to this question. And, many aspiring female models give up because they simply are not one of the tall women!

Photographers Models

Photographers Models

I hope these modeling tips will give you some good answers…

What about Runway Photographers Models?

According to many runway standards, a woman model needs to be at least 5’8″ or taller to compete in the fashion model field.

With these standards, she would most certainly need to be one of the tall women.

Still referring to the example above, not only does she need to be one of the tall women, she also needs to wear about a size 6 or smaller.

Other Photographers Model Types

But, there are exceptions such as, tall women don’t necessarily make the best face & beauty models, foot models, etc. and tall women are not always the best at hair modeling either!

Not saying at all that tall women can’t be hair models, but this is not the only attributes local modeling agencies look for.

If you are one of these taller women with the height mentioned above – go for it. But, if you are not, don’t despair.

There may be modeling opportunities for you in some of the other fields. Tall women don’t take all the modeling jobs. d:-)

What about Becoming a Catalog Model?

Many catalog companies will use tall women to model in their campaigns.

But, many will still settle for not so tall women if the figure is proportionate with the height and the face is pleasant.

Now you know that you can give those tall models in your area a run for their money!

I hope this article will shed some light about your modeling goals. For more information about modeling please check out the rest of my female modeling site.

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This article talked about tall women as photographers models. And, it should give you some hope to become a fashion model – even if you are height challenged.

I hope you lots of success in modeling!



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