If you are new to modeling photography, you’ll appreciate the fact that learning camera settings and composition is only half the battle. Hopefully, this photographer’s guide to female model poses will get you on track to produce breathtaking photos of girls, like the magazine photographers do.

On the photography side you’ll learn some tips about female model poses to create beautiful pictures. On the modeling side, this guide will help you understand posing from the camera person’s perspective.

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Posing the Female Body – For Beginners

This is one of the most difficult parts of model photography so we will cover the art of posing the female body today. Have fun and learn something new!

Beginning Female Model Poses

It doesn’t matter why you’re looking to pose a female model – whether it’s for photography, painting, runway, high fashion, or life drawing purposes, modeling is an art in and of itself.

It is important to pose your model in a dynamic way. If you’re a beginner to female model poses, then there are a number of ways to get started on learning how.

Use visual props for posing when available

When trying to pose your model, it is much easier for her to create the pose you have in mind if you show her a picture. But if a picture is unavailable, and the only reference you have for your vision is a mental picture, then it’s important to know the way the body works and which positions it works best in.

Use the model’s body and form

Female model poses should utilize the entire body – while there should be a focal point, no part should be forgotten or ignored.

Women’s extremities like feet, hands, and lower legs are often under featured in model poses. For an original pose that works well, have the model use her feet and hands to make the pose more dynamic.

Relax her

However, your model also needs to be comfortable. Some female model poses are awkward, uncomfortable, or just not right for your particular model’s body.

When posing the model, it’s important to choose a pose that both accentuates all the right parts and is comfortable for the model – particularly if you are posing her for the purposes of drawing or painting, which can require her to stay in the pose for a long period of time.

Be creative – show a different perspective

If you really like a pose but find that it is not right for your model, something you can try to do is alter the focal point, angle, or minor details of the pose. In some cases, particularly ones where discomfort is minor, this can save your pose and your model.

Don’t get too technical about female poses – Just show her how to place her body and hands

If your pose is difficult, then often your option is to show the model a picture or photo of your intended pose. When she sees the picture, she will be able to replicate it easier than if she is told directions.

female model posesIt’s nice to know the female body completely so that you can increase her use of body language, placement of body parts to show her best assets (and yours) – thus creating beautiful and feminine poses for female models which will make your photos have that “Wow” factor you desire.

And, once you conquer the visual effects of female model poses, it will be much easier to find beautiful girls to use as models in your next photography project!

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