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Do You Make Mistakes when You Pose? Here are some Modeling Tips for Photo Shoots to Help

If you came here because you want to have better photo shoots, or maybe you’re a new model just going to your first photography session.

Either way, these simple modeling tips for photo shoots should give you some cool ideas.

Read, relax and have some fun when posing your model for pics!

Photo Shoot Mistakes Models Make

Photo Shoot Mistakes Models Make

Posing Still Comes First!!!

Beyond an attractive physical appearance, successful posing is essential to being a model. Professional models pose in a way that looks easy and natural.

This comes with study and practice. Find your favorite model poses from magazines and practice them in front of a mirror.

Ask yourself where the model has actually strategically placed each part of his or her body and work on achieving the pose effortlessly.

Then, try imitating different facial expressions. Have actually someone take your photo or observe your poses and give you feedback.

By using these modeling tips the more natural you’ll be able to achieve poses. And, by practicing more, the easier you’ll be able to work with photographers in photo shoots.

Six points for better model poses

posing for photo shoots


1. Asymmetry

It’s not very often that you see a person completely symmetrical in the way he or she stands or sits. If you’re looking to achieve a natural pose, you need to be conscious about keeping your face, limbs and body asymmetrical.

Consider tilting your head to one side, bending your arms and legs differently from each other and shifting your body angle away from the camera.

2. Posture

Proper back posture is essential for modeling because it affects the curvature of your entire body and therefore your body language.

You should typically tuck in your stomach and keep your back straight without looking too rigid, despite the fact that a bit of a slouch can look more natural.

Try out different levels of slouching in front of a mirror and notice the point when it becomes too exaggerated, making you look insecure. As you straighten your back, you can also straighten your neck to increase the perception of height.

3. Arms & Legs

Any part of your body that is able to bend — namely, arms, wrists and legs — should be kept slightly bent for a more natural pose. Overly straight limbs can make you look robotic.

4. Eyes – the windows to your soul

Where you lay your gaze can help you portray very different emotions in a pose. There’s intensity when you look directly at the camera, but consider the effects of looking off to the adverse or upward. With just your eyes, you can express annoyance, pensiveness, sadness or mystery.

These are the “looks” needed for a photo to come alive. Most importantly, practice blinking at appropriate times between exposures, so no photos are wasted.

posing female models for pictures5. Breathe

Maintain steady breathing throughout model photo shoots to stay relaxed both in body and mind. You may find yourself naturally tensing up and holding your breath, especially in difficult poses, but be conscious that this stiffness can be obvious through the camera lens.

6. Facial expressions

You should be able to express all emotions through your face. Smiling is fundamental for models, but also experiment with frowning, laughing and pouting for example. Make sure that your body language always matches your facial expressions.

These six tips should help with your posing. If you get stuck there is an excellent book called 101 Modeling Poses you can get here. It’s very inexpensive and should be a great starting point for you.

There, that wasn’t so hard now, was it? Keep this page hand to do a quick check before each session to stay ahead in the posing game.

In addition to learning about posing tips for photo shoots through this website keep checking fashion magazines (or the ones close to your niche) to learn more pose ideas.

Practice and tweak them until you can call the poses your own – then you can amaze your photographer with a killer photo shoot!


If you are ready to take that next step to learning how to model, check out my book below. It’s available on Kindle and ready for instant download. Just click the picture to buy now…

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