The Petite Model in a Red Dress – Watch Jennifer Monge Work! (Video)

Take a rare look at what petite models can do when they are set free. This video gives a glimpse of Jennifer Monge as she moves flawlessly into sexy and intriguing poses.

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A Small Female Model with a BIG Smile

She may not be tall in stature but I assure you there is nothing petite about Jennifer’s abilities and talent. If you decide you want to become a model just watch as she sways and smiles to get some great posing ideas – you can’t turn your eyes away!

Jennifer Monge sent this during the submission process for the Bella Petite Model Search. We offer suggestions for what models can do to participate this is a great example!

Hope you enjoyed the video and will come back often to watch other models who are petite (tall ones too) work in this industry.

Bob Pardue

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