Petite Modeling Advice

The Magic of Petite Modeling, Even If You’re Short ..

So many different types of models – but, where do you fit in? This model tip segment shows how to get started in petite modeling.

petite modeling

petite modeling

And, it answers some of the questions below. So, I hope it helps you to get started as a model – no matter your size.

Become a Petite Model – Not Quite Tall Enough?

Read these interesting model tips from a woman who’s been there. Learning from others is still one of the best ways to get started in the network of entertainment business. – Bob Pardue

Check Online

If you want to learn about the network to get assignments and you aren’t sure how to start an instinct might be to go to the Internet.

Which isn’t a bad idea considering it is so easy to start on the web.

It isn’t bad idea if your small town doesn’t suffice to give you a good feeling about getting with a real model agency but first I have some other hints that might help you to get your foot into the door since you should not rely on one source to get your ahead.

1. Understanding your look:

When you don’t have a modeling agency saying ” yes yes your perfect” you need to know what are your best traits.

The first thing to do is go to the mirror. Honestly check your self out and notice what parts of you could be salable.

Even your hands. Modeling isn’t just Playboy magazine or Vogue, it is:

  • shoe modeling
  • hair
  • and, hands.

Start self marketing yourself as a model you should know your strengths and accept what you are and aren’t.

2. Flip through some magazines.

Petite Modeling

petite modeling

Magazines you like and want to be in. Get a feel for what is being used in ad campaigns, and editorials.

What type of photos are being used in photo spreads and what type of posing is being done.

Depending on the style of modeling you want to get into you will need to have knowledge on how to pose, how to move your body, how to be natural, and personable.

For this I would rip out magazine editorials and ads which appeal to you and consider them textbook material for your next step. (I am still doing this today.)

3. Prepare for your first shoot:

Once you have an idea of the type of work you want to do, start to research on the Internet some local schools, colleges, and universities that have photo departments.

Or, if you want to use forums and the Internet then scout out photographers who submit to magazines and who have done quality work before.

To work with a more experienced photographer without a budget of your own then you might need a creative tactic.

For this you can use the Internet to research from magazines, newspapers and editorials you have seen in magazines and start to get an idea of the type of work they have done and pursue them through email. Want more modeling tips like these? Click here!


If you are ready to take that next step to learning how to model, check out my book below. It’s available on Kindle and ready for instant download. Just click the picture to buy now…

About the petite model video – Watch more modeling videos for how to get started.

Learn if there is any modeling work for short girls from model scouts.

Hi. I’m Trudi Tapscott, and there’s always something that you want to do that maybe you don’t have the requirements to do. And modeling, you have to be taught.

Modeling in The Real World

At times, you will stand next to somebody. So, it’s just the reality that everybody needs to be around the same height.

And, when you take your measurements, you have to measure yourself flat-footed, not how tall you are in high heels.

I hope this video and tutorial about getting started with petite modeling helps you in your career. And,  I look forward to your next visit. Keep motivated and keep going toward your dream! – Bob

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