What size is she, really? Most women would agree that size small or petite fashion clothes would mean the same thing when in reality, they are different.

Here is a quick comparison to help you decide which department you should visit when you go shopping for a new outfit to wear to your modeling photo shoot tomorrow.

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Petite Fashion Vs Small – These Can Mean Two Diff erent Things

If you are a girl with a small frame you may or may not need petite fashions. In fact you might need small sizes instead.

Why are these clothes different? Read and find out. When shopping for that special dress and skirt outfit, the grass always seems to be greener on the other side.

Small vs. Petite Fashion for Women – Why do Women Shop for Petite Fashions?

There are those women who have a larger bone structure who buy smaller sizes to appear to be thinner than they really are.

On the other hand, slim framed women who look like fashion models want to get those glamorous curves such as 34-24-34 with their clothing choices.

And the trend goes on and on! Each woman wants to look like something she’s not – some can pull it off and some can’t.styles to intentionally downplay their natural voluptuousness.

What about Petite Girls?

These are the women with a short structure, who are considered “petite”. And, just as those others (above) will more often than not purchase their pants and dresses  with hopes of looking taller. Imagine that!

The Difference

A common misconception about these females is that “petite” always translates into “small.: when in fact, the term refers to height and not so much by weight.

Clothes normally come in sizes ranging from 0 to plus-sized. If a woman is less than 5’4, she is generally considered petite no matter what the scales say.

A Difficult Shopping Experience

The little women theory has left many girls frustrated about going shopping.

If they are 5’5 or shorter, they often complain of having trouble finding skirts or pants that aren’t too high-wasted or say that they give them a “frumpy” look.

The Fashion Designers To The Rescue

The great news is that many fashion designers today are finally focusing on petite fashions and creating new styles with these height-challenged girls in mind. Most major designers now offer clothing in all the smaller sizes.

They are focused more on classic and tailored outfits, so that a woman can choose options that accentuate the positives of her body type. Isn’t that wonderful?

Styles for Petite Fashion

While more options are now available in stores, it is important to make choices that help to accentuate your style.

Some apparel is designed to help women to look taller by using horizontal lines or using mono-chromatic colors. Photographers have used this method for years to make their models look slimmer.

Fashion Traps To Avoid

There are some styles and cuts women in the petite range should avoid.  In general, she should avoid color schemes, prints and certain cuts that are better suited to tall women.

Small size outfits often have less length to arms and legs, higher waists and narrow shoulders.

Guide to Petite Styles

So, where do you begin? Here are some suggestions to keep your petite style and look great.

Just follow a few simple style guidelines. Fashion experts advise to avoid shirts that are longer than mid-thigh, and to avoid drastic contrasts in color no matter if it’s a top or pant set.

They also recommend to steer clear of flat shoes or boots with rounded or square toes. An alternative is a comfortable shoe with a toe that is pointed slightly. Also avoid wearing accessories such as large belt buckles or bows (not that you would).

Other Suggestions?

Look at trends for current fashion styles in the newest magazines and catalogs – especially if you can find the ones in your size range. Compare the cuts and styles to the tips listed here to see how they shape up.

Now you know how to shop smartly even if you must wear petite fashion outfits so look good, feel great and put on your new dress!

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