A Peek Inside a Fashion Show for Petite Models (Video)

I’m a big believer in everyone getting her chance at a modeling career; especially if she has the “look” and talent. And, I want to reiterate that being 5’11” is NOT a talent although useful in this fashion wasteland. Watch this petite fashion show to see there is some hope for the not-so-tall models out there, maybe you?

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Petite Fashion Show – Why Modeling for Petite Girls?

Petite Fashion ShowI wanted to share this petite fashion show video to show that not all girls are tall – but they sure can make an impression on the runway, don’t you agree?

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The video includes a local fashion show featuring old summer outfits from Goodwill industries transformed into stylish and trendy casual outfits worn by petite models.

It is not necessary to wear expensive designer clothes to look tall and stunning, it’s just a little bit of imagination and art coupled with confidence and ability to so show off, the rest will turn heads as you walk on by.

Produced by Stonecreek Creative Media and music score by texasradiofish

Congratulations to organizers Sunny Wang and Ross Farnham for a job well done!

If you enjoyed this petite fashion show video please let them know and keep coming back for more presentations like these. Have fun with your modeling career and don’t give up!

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